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Getting trophies with default setups

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by YavgenyP, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Hi,
    I have a general question: is it even possible to get any of the trophies in the game with the default provided setups? I spent a few hours, for example, working on Lotus 49 in Monza 1966. My best time was 1:32-33. I watched few peoples videos, I have no idea what setups they are using, but from watching I can see where I can cut another second at best, and even that is not guaranteed.
    I dont like tweaking the cars too much, as it makes me feel like im somewhat ruining the game, mainly because i dont understand sh** about cars mechanics, and i dont want to download someones setup and to feel like im cheating my way through. So.. am i wrong? Is it possible to do under 1:30 in Monza with the Lotus with the default setup?
  2. My best, from the time i spent there (around 20 laps) was 1:30:218, with few tweaks on setup, it's possible to do better with default but takes time.

    Anyway using other people setups can't be seen as "cheating" it's like you're using your teammate setup installed on your car by Engineers and mechanics and you just have to drive it fast ;)
  3. Here is the result after my 3 hrs practice :D 1:30.347 DFGT Wheel no assist at all & almost default setup except i change fuel to18 laps. So i say its very much possible to lap under 1:30 using just default setup.
    I will try another 3 hrs tomorrow to get the gold trophies :D
  4. I just found out actually Lotus 49 rotation degree = 540° and i actually waste my 3hrs practice this car with 900° :poop:
  5. Always have 900° set, and AC will automatically set the real wheel lock ;) So if you have 900 in profiler it will be 540 for the Lotus49.
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  6. Am sorry but i not quite understand the idea. Put it this way, if i set 900° in profiler & 900° in game's control setting playing this car i found my wheel still has a lot more to turn after the in-game wheel reach its left / right lock. If i set 540° in both profiler & game control setting then the in-game wheel for this car turn exactly like my wheel. I always feel more comfortable by setup the degree of rotation follow exactly the car's original value instead of simply 900° for every car :rolleyes:
    Thanks for the advise anyway :)
  7. I have 900° in AC and profiler and the wheel does turn the same speed as the real(G25). Maybe it works different in DFGT...
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  8. That seems accurate, @Joco and @LazyBug. I've also tried setting my DFGT to 900° for a while but couldn't get the 1:1 ratio with some cars, but setting it between 480-540° (depending on car) seems to correct it.
  9. I set my DFGT to 900 and haven't ever touched it again with no problems.
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  10. About this "Is it possible to do under 1:30 in Monza with the Lotus with the default setup?" by OP i fairly sure the answer is yes. I practice this combo for another 4 hrs yesteday :D after my first attempt 3 days ago and the best i get is 1:30.021 & since i still miss most of the apex in that attempt so under 1:30 with all default setup should be no problem at all.
    By the way lap under 1:29 for gold trophy with default setup is just too hard for me, i always get my front wheel locked when i brake in turn 3 & the last big U turn that lose me time. Also i didnt use the auto clutch assist for my stock DFGT playing this combo dont know if that make any different.

    Also if i check the RSR i found something very scary :-
    . WR = 1:27.484
    2. Whats even scarier is the Theoretical Best Lap = 1:26.292 !!! WTF ??

  11. Its like OP not care anymore about this thread since never reply but i think i just make one more post here to finally confirm for his question.
    So yes it can be done to lap under 1:30 for Lotus 49 in Monza using just default setup, its very difficult (at least to me) but 100% can be done because i did that with time 1:29.975 after like total 500 attempts :D

    Here is the vidoe: -

    Ok thats it. Am done here. Have a good day & good time everyone :thumbsup:
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  12. It's the hardest car to hotlap, probably harder than the F40. You need to predict how it will behave with so much suspension travel. Especially in Lesmos u need to slide it just enough which is extremely hard to do. Little too much and you lose a ton, don't slide and you'll be a second slower.
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  13. Nice lap LazyBug......I ran a few laps in this combo last night and a 1:30.9xx was the best I could manage....will have to spend some more time later today but I have no idea if I can take another second off using the default set.
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  14. If possible i usually prefer turn 3 or turn 7 or turn 8 instead of Lesmos, believe it or not i dont know not even a single name of all those corners in just any track, of course i can always google to know which corner is the Lesmos like this :-
    But i will forget about it one week later (or i still remember the name but mistaken its a corner on other track) especially you see those name are so hard for me to remember :D
    By the way that 2 Lesmos turn are really so difficult to make it right, another track that looks so simple but hard to master :cool:
    Atm i still struggle to brake as effective as possible since the car has no ABS and i use to lock my front wheel alot so to carry just enough speed to slide on that Lesmos is really super hard for me :poop:
  15. Thanks first but i actually spend about 8 hrs on this combo alone on saturday and yesterday night so time like this should be expected i guess. I know most people only do some 10-20laps but mine is 8 hrs :D
    Since i already cant find any more room to improve my time after so many laps doing within 1:30.000~1:30.500 i will start to do some thing on setup, might need another 50hrs to get under 1:28 :whistling:
    I think i will start with gear ratio first & see how :rolleyes:
    Also thanks for watching the video, i will make another again if i lap under 1:29 but just dont know when :D