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Getting Smooth Corners

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Pete Mull, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. I've imported my track from GE and most of the corners are just short straight lines. I've looked at the Simtrackpedia but that tutorial was for an earlier version of BTB and I'm struggling to follow it. Can anyone give me a step by step guide on how to get smooth corners for my track.
  2. Which tutorial is it? This one matches your thread title but being written for an older version makes no difference. The later versions of BTB simply show each vertex of the selected surface in the 3D view and show other surfaces as coloured lines.
  3. What you have said is just not the case. I eventually got this working on the new release of the software but by trial and error and reading the help files. However, if you are tracing your route on GE then the results you get from using this approach are very subjective. You'll need to trace your route carefully on GE and if you have a track width lower than the standard 10 mtrs you are unlikely to achieve smooth corners particularly on uphill hairpin bends.
  4. It's probably caused by the way a GE path is different to a BTB track path. When you import it, you get a track node for each KML point, but since GE paths only have straight segments, you have to make loads of points to get a smooth curve. My tutorial is best used when the corner has a node at the start and another one at the end, with few or none in between.