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Game Stock Car - Formula Reiza DLC announced

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by RaceDepartment, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff

    Busy times at Reiza Studios this week. After a patch and track pack release and spy footage of the upcoming DLC, video footage has now surfaced of two cars that will be in the newest free content upgrade for Game Stock Car.

    We can see Reiza's physics expert Niels Heusinkveld behind the wheel of two open wheelers. First is the so called "Formula Reiza" and the second movie shows a golden oldie listening to the name "Formula Classic".

    Game Stock Car is the official game of the main Brazilian autoracing series. Developed with the support of actual teams and drivers, Game Stock Car accurately simulates the series´ 2010 season, with 34 cars and teams racing around the country in 10 minutely modelled race tracks. A free DLC bringing extra content to the simulation is expected soon.

    If you haven't purchased GSC yet you can pick it up for less than $30 at the GSC site. Support and organized online races can be found in the Game Stock Car forum.

    UPDATE (18-10-2011):

    Reiza Studios just officially announced the Formula Reiza DLC on our forums with the following statement and release photo:

    As some of you might have already noticed, this baby will be (very) soon released for GSC. (and it´s not coming alone either!)

    Despite the fictional name and outfit, under the hood there is nothing fictional about the Formula Reiza. According to a F1 insider (who is under NDA and shall thus remain anonymous), it´s "the closest experience to the real thing outside the top teams´ professional simulators".

    Talking the talk is of course cheap and what every racing game developer out there does, but all you fortunate GSC owners will soon get the chance to experience how the Formula Reiza also "walks the walk", at a very rapid pace!

    Stay tuned.. Might be sooner than you think!

  2. i finally bought all racon ons and gamestock cars today. Time to give sim a chance, kind of tired of the GT series, yes i still play GT3 :p
  3. wtf, no paddle shifters on that wheel. that looks tricky. mod looks awesomeee
  4. oh boy that looks awesome, im loving the sounds, he makes it looky easy :D
  5. If people now still complain there isnt enough content for this game. I dont know anymore. :tongue:
  6. You are right Ivo. Perhaps poeple will finally understand that this game deserves to be owned. For its content but also for its quality...:redface:
  7. surely, more people have got to buy this game now? i swear to god, this is ther best driving sim game, on the market, and now with two formula cars come on people buy the game, and you will see its the best you can get...:cool:
  8. And we have almost 17 tracks also. As some extra layouts of some tracks are complety new tracks then the normal one. )
  9. I was a little ticked when I first bought the game because of problems but now it runs great and is really enjoyable. Hope more people play online, the tracks are great fun and FFB is excellent in this game>@ Apex1972 that looks like the Leo Bodnar wheel and the button shifting on wheel works ok when you get on to it.
  10. hmmm.... and what about the AI?? they always show those ''fantastic'' videos without the AI. You still do not understand (most of you) that this game/simulation or whatever it is NEEDS TO BE CHALLENGING with STRONG and CONVINCING AI!
  11. I guess you didnt drive the game yet? ;) The AI is superb in this game. I never drive it in other games. But with GSC its the first time i drove against the the AI. And there are alot of videos showing the AI on YT. :)
    For example this one.

  12. You guys are tempting me so bad to buy this game, it's been on my mind for the past few days, i tried the demo and loved it, although silly me i was stuck on the limiter for 20 minutes of the demo haha, i never knew about it, i tried it out for 7 minutes without Assists, and it felt awesome but very hard to control the braking.

  13. what??? :eek: I will buy it for sure!!!! thanx!!! :tongue:
  14. Judging by the quality of the actual sim and the great feeling you get driving those Stock Car V8, I can only be excited and impatient to try these new open-wheelers. Reiza did a wonderful job with their Game Stock Car, anyone interested in a great sim experience should at least download their demo.
  15. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro

    this game seems to have surfaced well. and also seems that classic openwheelers are in fashion nowadays
  16. So looking forward to the open wheelers! :cool: All I have to say is "BUY GAME STOCK CAR!" You won't regret it. :D @Scott Webber: With patch V1.70 it is now alot easier under braking. :rolleyes:
  17. Robert Wiesenmüller

    Robert Wiesenmüller
    The one and only Premium

    I guess I need to buy this game.
  18. *Inserts credit card details on GSC Site* you guy's have won me over with your fantastic content, and i want to see this game success more and the community grow for it here.
  19. Neils you are insane on those shift buttons dude... any links to some pics/specs on your rig?
  20. This sim is way worth the 30 bucks. Ive had a blast with it.