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PC Game Performance & Hardware Specs

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Brian McManus, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. Brian McManus

    Brian McManus
    Steam: Brian Mac Premium Member

    Hi ,
    I am just wondering what other peoples frame rates are like .
    I am getting 60 frames when hotlapping ,i get a tiny bit of lag i dont see the frames dropping ,maybe 58,59 frames.
    I get some lag when running 18 cars .

    My game setting are ,

    1920x1080 @59hz
    Full screen rendering : On
    Vertical sync : On
    Frame limit : Off
    Anisotropic filtering : 2x
    Fast approximated anti samples : Off
    Shadow resolution : High

    World detail : Maximum
    Motion blur : Off
    Smoke generation : High
    Smoke in mirrors : On
    Hdr : Off

    Mirror resolution : High
    High quality mirror
    reflection : On
    Cubemap resolution : High
    Faces per frame : None

    I built my machine at the end of 2012
    My system specs,

    750w Ace Psu

    Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H motherboard

    Intel Ivy Bridge i5 3570K Quad Core 3.4GHz @ 3.8GHz

    Sapphire HD7850 2GB @
    Gpu clock,1000MHz
    Memory clock ,1400MHz

    Corsair Vengance 8GB Ram@1600MHz

    Im using a 40 using a samsung 3d smart tv 1080p,300Mhz.

    I want to upgrade my graphics card ,i was looking at the gigabyte R9 270X 4gb card.

    It be interesting to know other peoples game settings ,frame rates and system specs.

    Any tips on game or systems settings/overclocking would be greatfull.
  2. amd fx6300 6-cores overclocked @ 4.5ghz
    sapphire 7850 1GB overclocled @ 1050/1200
    4 gb ram
    27" screen
    fanatec GT3 RS V2
    g27 pedals & g27 h-shifter with bodnar cables
    windows 8.1

    i have allways on the following apps:
    . Mini apps v2.4
    . VisorX 1.6 (modified for my own needs)

    Performance testing:
    .16 Ferraris 312T in imola
    . with vertical sync off i get around 84 FPS on grid
    . with vertical sync on i only get stuttering and lag after racing for more then 20/25 laps with 16 AI's ... before that its supersmooth :)

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  3. The new Nvidia "wonder" drivers(337.50) gave me about 10 frames.

    I'm on a 780 ghz edition.
  4. 60FPS on a 59mhz monitor running V-sync sounds about right regardless of what GPU you are packing.
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  5. i7 4770 4.8ghz - 3xTitan SLI - 16Gb ddr

    Game maxed out 1080p:
    still droping to 30fps Monza60's full grid... and not smooth at 60fps.

    Still alot of work to do in Gfx department. other than that AC just needs time....
  6. Running AC fine on 5 year old hardware :).

    Athlon X3 720/4GB/4890

    1920x1080, 4x AA/4X AF/ World and shadow details on medium.

    FPS capped at 60. But on the grid with a few cars fps drops to around 40 at start.
  7. I get between 100-180fps during gameplay using two GTX 780's in SLI at 2560x1600 resolution, max detail, except 4x multisample AA combined with 4x SSGA transparent AA using Nvidia Inspector which brings framerates down considerably but pretty much eliminates all aliasing, medium cubemap resolution and 3 faces per frame. Watching replays with a full grid sometimes drop to 80fps.

    FYI, this game runs a lot smoother with V-sync disabled, and this is coming from someone that NEVER disables V-sync. Strangely with this game though, I never get tearing no matter what my framerate is but when V-sync is enabled, there's some stuttering during replays even when the framerate is maxed at 60fps.
  8. Are you using the maximum shadows setting? There's a bug in SLI, if you use less than maximum shadows the framerates drop like a rock as if SLI isn't working.
  9. A 270X wouldn't be much of an upgrade from a 7850. You would probably gain a few fps here and there. Hardly worth the best part of £200 imho. Also if your gaming at 1080p you probably wont need 4GB VRAM.
    Better upgrade(s) would be a R9 280X or GTX 770.

    No doubt come the summer there will be some new cards (as usual), so might be worth waiting to see what that brings.
  10. i said maxed out. it means every single option on and maxed out!
  11. there is no tearing with vsync off?
    then i guess you're very lucky!!!
    ...but seriously...you need a good eye doctor!
  12. I was trying to help you but clearly you want to be an ass.
  13. No tearing here, no eye doctor needed but of course you know it all, good luck with your issues, I'm done trying to help you. I know that sucks that my two 780's run better than your three Titans in AC, that's got to be a real bummer.
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  14. There's no sense in getting all worked up over hardware at this time as it's clear there is still much work to be done to optimize for performance. I've done quite a bit of reading both here and on the official AC forums and still can't get anywhere near the performance I get from other recent titles so the best thing to do in my opinion is to sit tight and let Kunos do their thing. I'm sure by v1.0 things will have improved considerably.
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  15. Funny, to me it seems it's already optimised very much. I can barely run other titles. AC is fine though, good fps and quite the looker.

    The AI perhaps need some cpu/gpu optimization. But which game doesn't take a hit with a full grid of AI? It is quite normal imo.
  16. Well, in fairness, it still runs considerably better than rFactor 2. rFactor 2 on max graphics settings keeps my framerates around 60-70fps with a single overclocked GTX 780, when I enable SLI, my framerates drop to 30fps so I'm pretty much forced to only use one of my two cards as it causes negative scaling using two. Very few games do this with SLI, rFactor 2 is one of them. At least with AC, I get the full benefit of both cards and framerates anywhere from 100-200fps depending on how many AI cars are on screen and which track is being used. Replays also drop framerates some compared to actually playing.
  17. I have to agree, using v-sync do make the game run less smooth and I never experienced any tearing with it off. In fact I never use v-sync for any game, have not seen the need to really. :)

    Strange...I usually see higher fps on replays...
  18. Many games do tear with V-sync disabled and I honestly don't understand the reason behind why some do and some don't since it should be related to the video card output and monitor but I despise tearing and I usually leave V-sync enabled on most games. I never could get AC to stop stuttering during some of the replays, even when the framerate was pegged at 60fps, so curiously one day I disabled it to see just how many fps I was actually getting in AC and realized it was around 120-200 depending on which track, how many cars on screen, etc, but I noticed during the replays that the stuttering was gone and yet I had no tearing. I was baffled but I haven't turned V-sync on since then in this game.

    In AC or rFactor 2? That is strange if you get higher fps on replays in AC but I think the cubemap resolution and faces per frame plays a large role as well as how much AA you're using. Obviously higher settings on those will bring framerates down and I think you will see that it bring it down even more in the replays but it may also depend on how many cars you have on screen since cubemaps are pretty taxing in replays.
  19. Yeah sorry, forgot to say I was talking about AC... I use max settings on everything (including cubemaps & faces) except FXAA which is on 2x. When comparing framerate between playing and replay I get a slightly higher framerate on replay.

    The fps is naturally lower when using more AI but the difference to replays is still there.

    Edit: I am not using SLI, this is with a single 780Ti not overclocked.
  20. Interesting, i wonder if its because I'm using 4x multisample AA. I didn't find FXAA to do much of anything in AC.