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G27 settings for first tmer to RSRBR

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Tony Gentile, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Hi Sim racers do you have any settings for a G27 wheel ,just new to sim racing after years of console gaming.
    Stumbled across a you tube clip 6 months ago on richard burns downloaded the demo.Hooked on it from my first demo.But just got a new G27 wheel now and need some tweek setting.:whistling:
  2. A couple of other useful tips to help with Steering Wheel setup and better car control:

    1. Find the file RichardBurnsRally.ini, open this up in notepad, and delete the top line that says ConstantForceMultiplier = ...

    2. Rename PC_Inputfilter.ini to PC_Inputfilter.bak or delete completely.

    Both of these changes will give much more precise control when driving.
  3. Hi Warren cheers for that I will try those settings tonight
    see ya on the stages:)
  4. did not know '2', gonna try that myself!
  5. got on to a site solidly stated g27 calibration n set up though profiler wow what difference can keep the car on the road steering is sharp n positive just a small adjustment to suit me cool
  6. Hi, after finally getting a new pc
    and a g27 yesterday , I installed rbr again and copied warren Dawes stuff the car is still all over the place, now I only did the curvature changes for the digital. Do I do the same for the analogue as well cause this was left as default thanks
    Also how do I get a licence for the fun leagues
    I'm also thinking of getting gsc. 2013 and asseta corsa
    Any help would be great it's been along time since I've been playing
    Hope to see you on the tracks

  7. Hi Ian,
    Actually you need to setup the curvature settings (and any of the other tips) to the Analogue settings, these are the ones that affect the wheel parameters. The digital ones aren't really needed since they only affect digital devices such as keyboards, etc. I usually make the analogue and digital settings the same, but only because I read somewhere once to do it just in case. However, I can't see how digital settings will influence any of the G27 controls, since they are analogue.

    To get an RD licence and all the info and access to Racing Clubs, just go here for details (it's free and easy):
  8. Hi warren, thanks for that I had to change the wrong one lol
    I'll change the right one after work

    Thanks again