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G25 - Replaced pots, throttle not working and brake and clutch not working properly

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Tariq Gamil, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Hi all. I replaced my G25 pots with pots from www.thesimshop.com, only to find that the throttle pedal does not work and the brake and clutch pedals are not working properly. Basically, the throttle pedal does not respond at all in the game controller panel. I've checked the resistance using a multimeter with the pins of the pedals plug and the resistance does change when I press the throttle but it does not show up at all in the game control panel when I press it. Also, when I press the brake or clutch pedal only halfway, it registers as pressing maximum. I have calibrated the pedals by pressing them fully and releasing but it still registers as being maximum when only pressing them halfway so would anyone know how to fix these issues? Thanks.
  2. Maybe the obvious thing but check that the pot connections have been put back correctly. The red cables should be the top connector and the Black cables to the bottom one. Assuming that these are Ok then there may be a cable problem, possibly where the cable exits the pedal box. The insulation on the inner cables can break down at this point and short against each other. This does ten to give really wierd results.
  3. All the connections are fine. They've been tested with a multimeter and the connections are responding correctly to the pins of the plug itself. All red top, all bottom black and then the individual coloured wires for the middle, these are also connected correctly.
  4. You said you have read the resistance of the pots when trying to troubleshoot, what were the values at min and max? What are the values of the old pots at min and max?
  5. Tariq,

    Have you made a new plug or cable for your pedals? There's a couple of pins in the plug that need a jumper. I wrote down which ones need jumping somewhere. If you need to know I'll try to dig it up.