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G25 Problem with rFactor/VHR

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by MaxSharp, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. Can't figure out whats wrong? Everytime I load my G25 profiler for VHR-2010 (using FFB), I'm getting a slight twitching/jerking movement in the wheel when the car fires up (and is idling) and when I'm shooting around the track. This makes it extremely hard to hold a straight line and be fluid in the corners. I'm not getting this 'twitching' on others MOds (i.e. GTR2, rFactor Mods). I've been plugging in all the profiler settings that have been suggested and messing around with the ingame settings...also updated the wheel drivers to the most recent (I believe). Any other suggestions?
    My current profiler is set at:
    FFB Strength 100% or 105%
    Spring Effect 0% and/or 100%
    Damper Effect 0% and/or 100%
    Centering Spring 0% and/or 90%
    Rotation 236....

    Am I missing a setting ingame, possibly???
  2. How do you have your FF effects ingame?
    Full, High etc?
  3. I've tried both High and Low....How do I change the Steering wheel lock?
  4. Garage and then General and on the right you can change the Steering lock. But that will probably not solve your problem. :smile:
  5. Youre right...after changing the Wheel Lock to Max and Min value, I still have a twitch when driving....quite annoying.
  6. Can check if you have a option to upgrade your FF in the upgrade section when you choose a car? :smile:
  7. Been working on this all day....What the heck is the deal? I come up short when trying to search Google for FFB setups for the G25 for VHR??? Why cant I find any? Any sites anyone knows of that post ALL Rates and FFB settings?

    ...Also, should I be using the profiler AND messing with ingame settings?
  8. did you try ingame to set FFB effects to low ?? then there are positive and negative ffb stregth checkif you have it at 100%
    if so then change to -100% might that helps dont know as iam not a ffb genius