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G25 Pedals: Cleaning (Stinky Feet)

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by John Cunningham, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. One time racing on the tar (Evo game) someone put on chat 'you need to clean your pedals'.... then on the rbr replays i noticed my brake lights flickering and confirmed the spiking in the controller options (this was obviously probably a year ago, I am lazy)..

    Googled cleaning the pedals, found a nice pic set of taking them apart:


    and off I went to the shed to clean em. There was a pile of debris in there, really bad. So pedals cleaned, spiking problems gone and I definately recommend giving it a go.

    Took a couple of hours, cos I was having cups of coffee after every couple of screws and there are about 35 of the wee fella's. Could probably do it in 30 mins second time around.

    You need contact cleaner (I just wd-40' them)/tiny star screw driver, small star screw driver, 11mm spanner, grease and pointy-nose pliers to straighten the push-lock washer that holds the gear on the potometer. I also needed a small paint brush and rags to clead the crap out with and a wheel-barrow to transport the rubbish.

    Take all the sliver small screws out underneath (leave the 12 larger black ones until you have separated the pedal casings), dont miss the 2 under the carpet gripper! Then work from accelerator, brake, Clutch this is to allow access to the earth wire on the seperate pedal chassis's, take the pedals off in this order and unclip/screw the wires to the pots as you go (assemble in reverse).
    Unscrew the damper/shock to the pedal to allow access to the pot. Prise off the push-lock washer that holds the gear (straighten it..carefully for assembly). Pull off the gear (pop off the spring). Unbolt the pot!

    When you get the pots off (follow the pictures in the link above) give them a blow out with an air line (naturally I went manual on this and nearly fell over with the ensuing head-rush, Jonny laughed). There is a small ventilation gap on the side for access, you will see it when you take the pot off. I then wd-40 them, which I doubt is NOT reccomended..
    Grease it all back up and assemble and there you go.


    (probably a better explaination on here, just thought I would pop it on here anyway)
  2. Had to do this many times on all 3 of my logi wheels, mine used to get clogged up with dog hairs lol

    Don`t use WD-40 get switch cleaner!!!

    Also once this starts is often needs doing every few months, so you can either change the pot (avalible on ebay) or swap the throttle with the clutch :D
  3. I used wd 40 myself 1 year ago, since then no spiking anymore.
    For me, the g25 pedals never needed to be screwed off... Just the flat supports of them, but you can leave them secured to their pods.
    As soon as you get the flat pedal parts off, unscrew the black cover.

    Once that's gone, just take the wd40 with the paint cap on. Small tube to get in narrow corners.
    And carefully blow some in potentiometer from throttle. Then pump throttle around 150/ 200 times.
    Yes that's alot, but you will see black dust etc coming from the meter, out of the whole. Keep pumping until you only see clean wd 40 coming out.

    Repeat for other 2 pedals.

    For me it took me 16 screw i think. :wink:
    But yeah, the more dust around there, maybe better to screw some more screws loose and clean them properly.
  4. thing is WD 40 is not designed for electrics and it contains a light lubricating oil which going by the old school of thinking is bad, but people cool PC`s now with oil lol. and yes i`m old so i`m old school hehe

    But i would still recomend switch cleaner as it contains tetrasomthingorother and will clean the contacts better than WD and not leave behind any residue.
  5. Yep, I heard off the wd 40 possibly melting certain plastics,
    so i wasn't confident in using it until i found alot of people doing it with the g25 said the g25 didn't had any parts containing those vulnerable pieces. After 1 year still no spiking, so i wouldn't worry about it.

    What i also did, a great moment to do those things while yr pedal case is halfly open, is modded my brake and throttle. Switched plates around, and made the brake pedal pop out with some washers behind ir, with longer bolts (2). Now the heel toeing works great!