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FSR Wet Weather Test Race - 15th March 2015

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Thomas Mundy, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. A lot of you may know that with the new builds of rFactor 2 changes have been made to the way that wet weather works within the software. On the 15th March 2015 we will be holding a wet weather test race with the WC teams to thoroughly test this. We will also hold it at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit as this may now be bug-free. This will allow us to test both the wet weather and the track thoroughly. All WC teams will be asked to send 2 drivers each to compete in this race. They do not need to be their WC drivers. Times will be run as the WC times for the 2014 Season.

    Twister Racing -
    NetRex GP -
    Twister Racing 2 -
    Eventa SimRacing -
    Avid Chronic Racing -
    GhostSpeed Racing Team -
    MadCape Racing Team -
    Ash Racing -
    Faster Than Speed -
    Front Row Racing - Kuba Brzezinski & Dan Brewer
    BBR Life4Racing -
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  2. Eventa Simracing will be represented by: Mike Partington and Francesco Bigazzi.
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  3. hey thomas can we possibly have an update on the conditions we'd be using? thanks :)
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  4. Twister and Twister 2FAST4U will be represented by:

    David Greco
    Daniel Kiss
    Petar Brljak
    Muhammed Patel

    Dan, conditions? Wet. what do you need to know the exact conditions for? is a test, I think we will be testing more than one thing probably.
  5. can someone post the link for the track please
  6. well I spoke to Thomas on the server a few days back david and he said that we most likely wouldn't run full wet, so was just wondering if we knew what exact conditions we'd be running. Mainly because im bored and want to drive ;)
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  7. Maybe start considering a change in the track? Malaysia maybe? :D

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  8. For the first time i have experienced that wall bug... XD
    The fix isn't working :'(
  9. Naked gp will compete with 2 drivers
    Hono Buis & Lordgan leGrand
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  10. Surely Hono Buis and Ron Squire? ;)
  11. Faster Than Speed will be represented by Norbert Leitner and Thomas Mundy.
  12. We should be there with both Morgan Morand and Carlos Martin. In any case, we'll grant two drivers on track.
  13. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    Avid Chronic Racing will be there with Pashalis Gergis and Michi Hoyer. I am sure JES will be there as well.
    If you need more drivers David O'Reilly said he could join.
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  14. If this works, my suggestion is that for the season, u use the gentlemen racers weather tool, it's so good!
  15. OK guys tomorrow will start at approximately 17:00 gmt. I've been receiving some information from RD on how to work we weather which we will be using. The rest will develop as needed depending on results but we will be starting with an 11 lap race where the track is gradually getting wetter and then a second race where the track is gradually getting drier. Obviously tomorrow is not broadcast but we will let you all know when a decision is made based on the results of the test
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  16. What will be the Realroad multiplier please ? x1 ?
  17. This will be the track version: http://avidchronicracing.com/FSR/FSRSpa2015Final.rfcmp

    Time will be 17GMT. I think Kris accidentially added the Pre Season test to the list without knowing the final time.

    What will be done Thomas said I think. 2 Races à 11laps. One on increasing wetness and one on decreasing. Than I can imagine some practice between and before and for setting up the weather properly.
  18. No comments yet? Strange, i'll be the first one then :) Imo, first test race was just brilliant. I accidentally happened to race, so without preparation it was quite tricky (I think this was my first wet race in rf2) For sure driving in wet requires proper differential setup and very light right foot unless you want to destroy rear tires in two laps which is exactly what I did. But it was very fun too, track getting dry slowly and switching to dry tires early, also tricky, and in the end finding wall because of still pretty wet track off racing line.
    From visual part even on my very very low settings, sky getting darker with clouds, slowly appearing racing line - very nice too.
    All in all it looks promising but requires further testing imo to find good balanced values and studying other tricks, but it has future and i'm sure this will be best thing to happen to FSR for years.
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  19. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Looking forward to a test with the plugin working.
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