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FSR Broadcasts 2014 #2 Malaysian Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Jaakko_M, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. Be sure to follow the second race weekend live on our YouTube channel, with Ace starting Saturday 16:35 GMT, Pro Sunday 13:35 GMT and, finally WC Sunday 16:15 GMT.

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  2. Nice one Jaakko
  3. *bump*

    What I didn't say earlier; to make things easier for the viewers, from now on our plan is to create a thread per race weekend here containing every broadcast url of the weekend. Do not expect to see url's in race briefing threads.

    If you have some broadcast related comments, feel free to share them here or in the youtube chat. Both will be read in any case.
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  4. Are you guy's running the broadcast maxed out? If so, the sunoclusion effect is turned off by default now in the .plr file. Dunno if you want that. :)
  5. Is it possible to have replay of the start in about lap 3-5 like in real f1 race? It's the most exciting part of the race so it would be nice if we could see it again and hear few more comments on the start from commentators?

    Other than that really nice job from all broadcast crew, the races were very nice to watch.:)
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  6. Graphics are not maxed out.
    I don't know how that effect looks but maybe it's worth investigating.
  7. At the moment there's no easy way to jump back in time other amounts than what is assigned for R-button.