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FSR 2011 Rules Package

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Here's a short summary of the major changes from last year:
    And here are all of the Rule documents for 2011:

    2011 FSR General Rules Document

    The General Rules Document is valid for all divisions. It also includes the Online Rules Supplement and the Penalty Guidelines Supplement.

    2011 FSR WC Rules Supplement

    The WC Rules Supplement is only meant to be used for the WC division.

    2011 FSR WS Rules Supplement

    The WS Rules Supplement is only meant to be used for the WS division.

    2011 FSR WT Rules Supplement

    The WT Rules Supplement is only meant to be used for the WT division.
  2. Just to clarrify: is the single parc ferme lap in q2 low fyel? Or race fuel?.
  3. on low fuel
  4. where can you find teh FSR Manager?
  5. It will be released in the next update probably.
  6. Is this update most likely to help with the FPS issues on Barhain?
  7. I don't know.
  8. it comes with a new graphic card?
  9. aaa
  10. do we still have to use lc at the start?
  11. 6.5 The use of Launch Control is mandatory for the 2011 season.

  12. How are the 2012 rules coming along? I know they are going to be similar to the 2011 rules but would like to look at them and fully understand them before the 1st race. Also when will the manager become part of the download so I can make sure all is working with that as well.
  13. The WC rules will be announced tomorrow most probably, and I guess the WS-WT supplement will be already included.