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FSR 2011 Division structure

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    as the voting for the WT racetime ended I can present you the final division structure for 2011.

    Right now only the World Trophy Director is missing which we will hopefully change very soon.

    World Championship
    Director: Mikko Puumalainen

    Racetime: Sunday 18:00 GMT

    World Series
    Director: John-Eric Saxén

    Racetime: Saturday 17:00 GMT

    World Trophy
    Director: David Dominguez

    Racetime: Sunday 14:00 GMT
  2. The World Trophy Director is decided as well now.

    a big thank you to all directors for volunteering to help FSR in 2011
  3. Thanks all!
  4. good luck guys lets make 2011 great
  5. Yep, thanks to the volunteers :D
  6. LOL david WT admin = DANGER!
  7. This year, no deivid no penalty hoho
  8. Keep in mind that you guys can't fool your race director this season, because I know all about you :D
  9. And I know all about your nights David, don't forget :cool:
  10. i prefer kanitz ....... obviously
  11. De juan just earnt a +10 grid penalty for bahrain haha!
  12. +1 xD
  13. That penalty doesnt' work for him, as he usually starts on the back of the grid :D
  14. have you the 5970 ready for the season?
  15. May I ask what will happen at the start of the season if rf2 will not be ready and released by then.We will stick with rf1 or delay season start
  16. It was never said we will start the season on rFactor 2, and as you can see from the Beta the Mod will be released on rFactor 1. Even if rFactor 2 is now released it probably wont be ready for the season start.

    We will start the season with rFactor 1 and will switch to rFactor 2 when it´s released and ready for our use.
  17. Ok thanks
  18. Is the starting time of 17:00 GMT the time that the race starts or the time that the event itself will start?
  19. It´s the time the race starts, the details on the eventschedule will be published with the final rulepackage, usually the event starts 1 hour before the race.