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Front Wheel lock up under breaking

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Cody White, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. I've noticed that this year the brakes are real touchy esp when turning in under braking. It seems as though you need to be surgically precise to make a good corner at the end of a long straight or you lock up and go sliding...I run w/o abs as in 2010 the car would decelerate much quicker. Not complaining just pointing it out...gonna have to mess with my brake balance quite a bit to get a good feel! Absolutely love the handling of the car...it no longer feels like I'm driving a slot car just accelerating, braking and hiting my corners...you really have to focus on your marks to get a good lap time now...and mind your tires...they begin to wear, and the car gets to stepping out!

    sorry...braking* it was a late night last night putting in lap after lap!
  2. Yep, brake hard then when you are in 3rd/4th gear let off the brakes gradually, once you figure out how much to let go by, youll stop locking up. Takes a little practise but youll get the hang of it. And yes its very good, just like a real car. Most games are opposite, i remember forza, lock up at fast speed with high brake usage, but that doesnt happen irl.

    Im finding 50% balance fine, i was using 51% but more front locks, at 50% i rarely lock.
  3. Thanks Jasjeet...I'll give it a try! I am absolutely in love with this game for sure!
  4. The problem with the front wheels locking, is they don't stop rotating...ie: there is no visual to help you understand when the wheels are locked.
  5. maybe that's your graphics settings? although I've got everything on low and I can still see the wheel stop, and smoke come out, and hear the tire screech, a bug perhaps?

    Also I've been running my brake balance with a slight rear bias, helps on tight corners were you actually want the back to step out some
  6. PS3, so no graphic settings to fiddle with.
  7. On PC they stop rotating, sounds odd that they didnt implement it on PS3. Pretty stupid really.
  8. James Chant

    James Chant

    turn brake pressure to low in the setup, this cured my locking wheels
  9. Nope, stupid on my part. I had ABS on for some reason, so I never saw it.
  10. I can already tell this is kicking a lot of my fellow european players butt..hahahahaha im glad i got use dto it a few days earlier xD
  11. Yeah, me too. For another day or two I feel like I'm really fast. :p