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Friend can't join my rFactor 2 server

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Giorgos Martiou, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. i have made a server and create a mod .my friend can come and play but when we change track he cant join.the soma happens when he tryies to join the server for second time.any help?
  2. It's one of those bugs.
    It might be good to let your friend go to the track / car combo in single player first before joining the server. A bigger change that he can join and race.
    It's al;so a must that he has the same tracks and track versions as the server, but I am sure you altready thought about that. :)
  3. xaxaxaxa yeah we have the some .thanks.so its not something from mod installation.its a bug that other people have?
  4. No many others have the same problem, that is also why i make s special download for the mod, as the GetMOD doesn't always work.
  5. you are KING my friend.thank you again.when we cant take the mod from server ?im asking you because i have a mod that i have a problem.i have download it i can see the mod in the packages but i cant install .when i found a server with that mod i couldnt get