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Free "ButtonBox" for ETS2 Using Roccat PowerGrid

Discussion in 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' started by lopsided, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Hey gang,
    I've made several MoTeC style "button boxes" now for use on tablets using Roccat's free PowerGrid software.

    *PowerGrid software does not currently have the ability to rotate it's grids so I make all of my button grids for use in Landscape orientation only!

    After picking up ETS2 for $4 during the Steam sale I decided I'd make a button box grid for it as well and share it with the community.
    I've made 45 buttons covering the majority of useful, mappable in game functions.
    To ease use I am also including a Word file you can download which list all the in game button maps. If you change yours to match what I have you won't have to alter the key function assignments used for each button in PowerGrid.:)

    Download Bailey's ETS2 Button Box Grid


    Never heard of PowerGrid?
    I've written an article detailing the in's and out's of using this great little piece of free software.

    Hope it's helpful to someone,
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  2. Awesome gonna try this out tonight. Might be a good excuse to add another tablet to my rig
  3. Hope you can use it Nino. It does come in handy for titles I don't use my regular button box with.

  4. Thanks mate! Works like a charm. Cool idea!