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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Patricio Quevedo, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Dear friends.
    Yesterday i updated the drivers for my 5770 Radeon card to the new 11.2 driver,
    I noted that the game is running very smooth but lost around 20 fps...
    It used to run between 40-80fps, but now runs aprox in the 35-55fps .

    Can someone know why is this change?

  2. Have you used driver sweeper?
  3. Well its not the drivers... I do an FPS test after each release and there is no difference with my 5770 compared to the old 11.1 CCC.
  4. Not needed with ATI drivers. Aslong as you use the UNINSTALL ALL option then run again with the INSTALL you will have nothing to worry about, all reg entries are taken out, folders deleted etc. so that the new INSTALL is completely clean.
  5. Ill see what it does with my crossfire 4870's later on. (if i remember!)
  6. Not true m8. I bought a 6870 last week to replace my 4890. I uninstalled the drivers using 'uninstall all' option as i always do. I installed the new ones without running driversweeper, but i had a serious fps drop in f1 2010 even tho the 6870 is about twice as fast a 4890. So i ran driversweeper and i found about 10 entries that were not deleted. Now my game runs very smooth.
  7. Yes my friend,i used the driver sweeper.

  8. Unless there's any other real benefit from the latest drivers, go back to your previous drivers then if it gave you 20fps more.
  9. I agree with Roman5, if there is no reason to update your drivers then don't. On the use of driver sweeper, there shouldn't be any reason to use it unless like Spuddy0108, u have upgraded your card.

    Spuddy0108, I have an 4890 and was thinking about upgrading but there isn't really any cards out there, that really make it worth while, on a price/performance ratio, have you noticed a BIG difference? Only i was reading Custompc and they said if you have a have decent dx10 card, then we should hold-of till something better arrives?
  10. Well with my 4890 i was running f1 2010 mostly on medium/high. But trees and objects were set to low and croud was turned of because i had stuttering on some parts of the track wich had many objects(buildings and such). Now i can run everything on ultra and i did not notice any stuttering yet. In bad company i was running mostly on low/medium settings. I started noticing mouselag as soon as turned something a little higher. Now i have everything on the highest settings and no mouselag. Other specs are basic i7 system with a 930 cpu and 6gb 1600mhz memory and a creative xfi-titanium. So if you ask me if it was worthy i would say most defenatly yes. You can still get arround 50-55pound for your old 4890 btw.
  11. That seems odd, my rig (see sig below) with all game settings maxed, 8xaa, vsync on @ 1680x1050 on a single 4870 turns in 58fps - no stuttering or problems at all. Same settings with 2x 4870 in crossfire brings in 79fps.

    Seems like we have very similar gear but different performance results. In fact technically your card should out perform a single 4870, especially with medium details.
  12. I suggest you check your system a bit more. The reg sounds like it needs to be rebuilt as the ATI CCC remove all lists all the reg entries that ATI make and removes them, thats in the code of the uninstall routine. To still have found entries shows either not full admin rights or a faulty install of drivers at some point.

    To prove this I just tried uninstalling my drivers, ran driversweeper, nothing found re ATI GPU drivers.
  13. 11.02 does nothing for me over 11.01. BUT - I notice fractional more FPS with 10.12.

    I maybe wrong, but this 11.01 to 11.02 upgrade is the CCC rather than an update to the ATI drivers. Actual driver still says 26/01/2011 which is what it was before the 11.02. Maybe im wrong but I dont think so.

    My results with all maxed out @ 1680x1050 8xAA
    10.12 -min_fps="66.447876" av_fps="79.201668" min_fps_ms="15.049390" av_fps_ms="12.625997" />
    11.01 -min_fps="65.880547" av_fps="78.051933" min_fps_ms="15.178988" av_fps_ms="12.811982" />
    11.02 -min_fps="64.615189" av_fps="78.431267" min_fps_ms="15.476237" av_fps_ms="12.750017" />

    Also, there seems very little FPS difference running crossfire on F1, compared to something like Crysis or BFBC2 which virtually doubles the performance with everything maxed.
    Hopefully there maybe another ATI crossfire profile pack to optimise this soon.
    Im defo holding out for the next gen cards rather than going DX12 now, id lose performance on other games unless i buy 2 of them. Yes i am dying to use my 3 monitors, but not enough for the cost in both cash and performance.
  14. Just installed the latest drivers. Increased my FPS by about 5%.