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FPS problem with mirrors on

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Morgan Morand, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. Hi guys !
    Well i'm suffering a quite strange fps drop with the mirrors.

    When they aren't activated i'm running around 270 fps at the bahrain track but when i activate them the fps is around 55 fps with 2 cars only. so a 215 fps fall !!!

    There is a tip like reducing lod or resolution of the mirrors ? it will help me a lot... :(
  2. Are you talking about virtual mirrors or the actual mirrors?
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  3. the actual mirrors mate.
    When i press "3" to have the differents mirrors available, there is some mods ( actual mirrors + 1 or 3 virtual mirrors )
    I have the fps drop when the actual mirrors are enable ( i have the same amount of fps with the actual mirrors than the actual mirrors + 3 virtual mirrors )
  4. Yea its a rf2 problem. And in Bahrein i have also less FPS. But the mirrors do loose u about +50% more fps loss. Especially with Ati cards.
  5. Idem.

    It will be a problem mainly in the start.
  6. Sorry for the offtopic, but do you know how to turn cockpit mirrors off? My driving position is pretty close to the wheel so I can't see anything in them anyway.
  7. You can leave them on as they do not affect the frame rates anyway. As soon you have mirrors on it doesn't matter how many you have on it's always the same performance. But I believe it isn't possible anyways to switch only those off.
  8. It isn't. It's an oft-requested feature that they haven't implemented yet, but I agree it probably wouldn't make much difference. It'd be nice to have though.
  9. Weird. I have AMD but I get the typical fps loss...
  10. Just updated my graphic drivers.
    Thanks a lot. Indeed rfactor2 isn't optimized for ATI cards.

    Now with mirrors on, i have 120 fps minimum on the straight line which is respectable... compared to the 50 fps i had. but 300 fps alone without mirrors... i'll see if i can disable the actual mirror and activate the virtual mirrors only instead