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Mods FOV changer (v1.0) 2015-07-24

Program to customize FOV more than the in-game slider, any vehicle, any camera, any FOV.

  1. Th3HolyMoose submitted a new resource:

    FOV changer (v1.0) - Program to customize FOV more than the in-game slider, any vehicle, any camera, any FOV.

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  2. It took a while to work out how to use this properly - a handy little mod though, thanks
  3. DayGlow

    Hired Goon Premium

    so how do you use it properly? Does adding a variable of say 0.20 decrease the FOV by 20% and a variable of 1.2 increase by 20%?

    There is no real explanation of what the number you enter does to the FOV.
  4. I think that's how it works. I just used it for fine tuning. I made most of the adjustments in the 'eyefinity_cameras' file.My 'Head Cam' settings are: FOV 59, Tilt percent 75.0, Position x=0.0, y=-2.8, z=19 to give me general FOV settings across all cars, which works great except for the Subaru and the Quatro. As far as I can tell a variable of 1 with this leaves my FOV at the settings above. I used 0.95 for the Quatro which I presume adjusts the FOV to 56.05 for that particular car and a variable of 1.15 for the Subaru (because I couldn't see the gear indicator) which I think gives me a FOV of 67.85 for that car. So I think that's how it works, but don't quote me on it.
  5. I've also found that if you get your setting wrong the first time, you have to reset to default between each adjustment.
  6. Sorry to appear a little dumb with this.
    Have placed Ryder converter.exe,fov.py and miscutil.dll in cars/models folder double clicked fov.py to open it. but totally at a loss what to do could someone please give a step by step tutorial on how to use this mod please.
    and how to make the changes to each car.
    Have set up my eyefinity settings but some cars need fine tuning so thought this would help but I'm not very good with programs like this.
    Thanks in advance.
  7. @Ian Cameron, Hi Ian, so when you click on the fov.py is a small command prompt screen coming up? and also do you have python installed on your comp? If not you can get it straight from their site. python.org
    When all that's done, a small command prompt type screen will come up when you click on the fov.py.
    Then enter the folder name of the car you want to work on, hit enter.
    I only work with the head cam/cockpit view, for this you then press 3.
    Next it will ask you to enter the field of view, so this is the confusing part . Entering 1 will give the same FOV that you have entered in your eyefinity file. If you feel that you are too close to the windscreen with those settings you should start with entering say 1.125, then hit enter and the app will apply those settings, hit enter again to quit the app. Boot up the game and see how it looks. Not happy? Quit the game, go back to the app. Follow the process as above, but this time instead of typing the number for you FOV, type restore. This will set the FOV back to your eyefinity settings. Quit the app and then boot it up again, follow the process above again and try a slightly larger number say 1.175.
    Keep repeating until your car looks/feels right to you.
    If you're too far away from the windscreen on your default settings, use the same process as above but when you enter the FOV number enter something like 0.97. Keep repeating the process explained above untill you get it just right for you.

    Hope this helps, if you need anymore help, just give me a shout.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, sorry I forgot to say, the first time you run fov.py, you'll probably have to right click on it and tell it to open with python.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2015
  8. Excellent, thank you so very much for that tutorial.
    The answer was telling it to open with Python.
    So am I right in saying if I was to put in a value of 0.95 that will move be closer to the screen?
  9. You're welcome Ian, no problem.
    Yeah that's right. Just do it in small increments, like 0.95 - not close enough, try 0.94 etc, until it feels and looks right for you. Takes a while, the new rx cars were a bit of a pain, they took me a few attempts and I had to change my eyefinity settings to get them right, but that also improved all the other cars in the end.
    I'm not looking forward to doing all again after the next update because I'm not sure where the adjusted files are stored to make a backup of them.
    @Th3HolyMoose could you let us know please, that would be handy and will save a lot of time in the future.
  10. It is a multiplier, so entering 0.20 will make the FOV one fifth, and if you do it again on the same view and camera with 0.20 the total FOV will be one twenty-fifth of the original.
  11. Sorry all for the unclear instructions, just made it for myself and didn't really focus on instructions :p