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FOV and correct monitor position

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by ARG1980, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. ARG1980

    Copenhagen APEX Premium Member

    Hi there

    I just build a alurig and no I have problem setting up my wheel/monitor position and cant figure out the right FOV. All help is welcome :)
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  2. ouvert

    Premium Member


    personal preference .. Monitor sitting right behind wheel (it is on the wheel base) so I can see through the wheel the dashboad (virtual wheel off in game) but I can`t see bottom bezel of monitor .. distance ~51cm from screen, FOV with my 25 inch 16:9 screen is 35 give or take (calculate yours in that calculator .. on single screen it is sometimes good to go 2-3 degrees more than calculated) ...
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  3. Using the in-game FOV settings are better IMO. What game do you play? Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, Iracing? Assetto Corsa's in-game triple monitor settings works well IMO. You calculate the distance from your eyes to the screen, angle of your monitors, etc. My eyes are 22 inches away from my monitor. Using Project Immersion my correct fov for Assetto Corsa is 31. I have triple 27's.
  4. ouvert

    Premium Member

    mostly AC, GSC, R3E, rF2 .. Well there is only one correct FOV setting.. For you it is 31, whether it is the best one for you that is another question .. Set it to whatever feels good for you, but only one setting provides correct visual representation of track (perspective, distances, dimensions in relation to distance,...) and you having triple screen 31 must feel pretty good
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  5. Neil Farren

    Neil Farren
    Premium Member

    If you've got the screen real estate then I don't think you can beat the correct FOV you will get from th calculators. However, if your screen is reasonably small then the correct 1:1 FOV will not show you enough for it to be practical.
  6. ouvert

    Premium Member

    well not necesarry true .. realistic 33-35 vFOV on single 25 inch screen is just fine
  7. You may want to increase the FOV from the true 1:1 FOV when playing PCars or R3E (or older games like GT Legends, Race 07, GTR 2, etc.) because the side monitors will show way less preferable vision than they should since those games don't have true triple-screen support.