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Forza 4 Setups and upgrades

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Flamenawer, Dec 19, 2011.

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  1. There is an app for Forza tunes on I tunes. Free version allows basic race set up. I have tried the free Forza 3 one. Forza 4 is about £1.50 I think. I may give full version a go and let you know how I get on.
  2. IMHO, no calculator to make these setups, not even close.
    I encourage you to try an XD. They have nothing to do with others who have tried.
    Also meet all the specs of the actual cars. I let some minor improvements would be possible in real life for trackdays.
    If a car, I can not trace the real and I do not upgrade.

    Each setup can have between 8 hours and several days. Some of Shift 2 had a week's work. The test average is 500 km in at least 3 circuits, in some cases 6.
    I also document the actual cars, height, weight, etc.topspeed,0-60.

    Forza 4 1600 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA FIA specs, clone of real car

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  3. You obviously put a lot of time and effort into tuning.

    Unfortunately for me, I don't! So my quick fix is use storefront, standard upgrade tune or some randomness based on stock setting. Not surprisingly, I'm not that fast!!!!

    Most of the time, my lap time improvements come from braking and line judgement.
    I am sure that our better RD drivers would beat me in a stock tune even if I had pro-tuned same spec car.

    Kudos to those that tune and know what they are doing .....
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  4. Mr Chip

    Mr Chip
    A lot of gear, little idea....... Premium

    Exactly my sentiments Wayne....
  5. Clone specifications Renault 5 Maxi Turbo Super Tourism (DTM), driving by Eric Comas. Is the latest evolution of this race car with 400 HP.

    FORZA 4 Renault 5 MAXI Turbo Setup, clone of real car

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  6. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    It's nice having so much spare time to tweak for hours a setup and test it several times in different tracks for each car. :eek:
    Btw, you can stop shouting now, we understood your point. :D
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  7. I dont understand this, sorry, my english is bad and google no translate well this sentence. who to scream? XD.
  8. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    I mean, you can use the default letters size, no need of enlarge them dude. :cool:
  9. Ahh, is size of the google translator to paste in this forum. XD.
  10. With the kind of events I see being set up on this forum I'm surprised you guys aren't more interested in this, the op isn't suggesting that these are built to dominate the leaderboards or make you more competitive online, but rather to reflect their real life counter-parts.
    I would have thought these could make for some interesting spec races.
  11. You should get yourself a license and join th RDDC club.

    What is your Xbox gamer tag? Have you put the tunes on your storefront?
  12. To me it makes sense to play a racing game in which what appear to drive spacecraft. It seems more wipout.

    Most of the setups and upgrades are for vintage cars and powerful, which is doped with 400KW and activated all aid. To me this makes no sense.

    I prefer to play against my ghost cars of the same class, they do the same times, each real and unique characteristics.

    The pity is that the game does nothing to realism, but hey, you can have a good time.

    Me and my ghost we had fun, XD.

    This type of championships Shift2U I have done, and it was quite a success and more opportunities forza, the pain is that had too many serious bugs and problems. Forza is far more stable, but with many absences in configurations, settings, real body kits, IA, and so on.

    I hope to be better with upgrades.

    For now I mix the two games at the same times.

    Sorry i havent XBOX LIVE in this moment.
  13. For those who use controllers a possible tip?
    (Apologies to those who know what they are doing).

    Set up car diff at less than 50. I plump for 40 / 50 at the moment. Giving me much more control during accel. For some reason I always turned it up to 70 or 80 based on what the Forza tuning tips said - this I know realise made it hard to accel hard out of a corner. I did this after picking up some tips from Dan the Mystic's setups. Works with my heavy fingers anyway.
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  14. has anyone got a driftset up for a novice drifter rwd perfered