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Formula RR compared to Formula1 2010

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Andreas Lündin, May 10, 2011.

  1. Hi.
    I tried out to drive the Formula RR on BarcelonaGP 2007 (custom track dl'd from Racedepartment) and compared it to Driving the Catalunya Track in Formula1 2010..

    The experience definitely is different... And im not talking about the graphics...

    The F1 cars changes gears a lot slower and i can use different gears in corrsponding corners... The speed feeling is less in F1, but the straights feels shorter and easier...almost too easy in Formula RR cars.
    The track also feels different somehow. It looks pretty much the same but it feels as different kinds of tarmac...

    Are the FRR addon in Race supposed to be F1 cars? Or something else? And what is supposed to feel closest the real stuff?

    I'd like to hear what you people think. :) And yes i know RAce is 4 years old... never mind the graphics, its all about the feeling and what you think gives the most satisfaction to play/drive....
  2. Not sure, since I didn't bother installing it, but from the weight and power figures, I guess FRR are something like F1.

    As far as feeling and satisfaction go -> netKar Pro, Formula KS2 (based on Formula GP2)
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Can't complain about a free game but I prefer F1 2010 over the Formula RR anytime. Much more F1 like feeling in terms of downforce, grip, acceleration, breaking and sounds. Codies simply did an excellent job with F1 2010.
  4. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium Member

  5. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium Member

    I drove a lot of the F1 sims before SimBin and RD. I basically gave them up to have a roof over my head but I have tried both and like the RR version better, just because I have more fun driving it.
  6. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    I have raced F1 2010 for about 1 hour and it ended up at the shelf to never be touched again. CM did a terrible job with F1 2010. Its still full of bugs and oversteer is just not in the car physics unless you hit the kerbs. At the first second i knew i was playing a port from the console. I dont say RR is The best F1 car so far. Jeff is still and always will be my favorite. Next to that comes EA's F1 2002. Its a true shame they stopped with the F1 license. RR is a very good try and i LOVE(!) the sound. As it comes to car physics i feels much more natural than F1 2010. But hey...who am i? I have never driven a F1 car so its just my personal opinion.
  7. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff Member

    In my opinion: Grand Prix Series > F1 2010 > RR > EA, but who can know exactly as we are no real F1 drivers?! :/
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    lets ask Lewis Hamilton then :)

  9. I don't know, I have GP2 and GP3, both felt awesome in their time, but Simbin's Formula RR is definitely better:) I don't know how F1 2010 feels as I couldn't try it, no demo, no buy as it could be risky that it doesn't run on my computer. Maybe I'll have a look into F1 2011 on my new PC;)
  10. Best F1 for RACE is MMG 2007 imo.
    But for open wheelers RACE isnt the best platform also. Other games are doing a better job with that. Like Netkar and rFactor.
    Where with FWD cars. RACE is the best platform.
  11. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Yup MMG 2007 for me as well. FRR is in solid second place. As for F1 2010 it is sitting on my bookshelf as my PS3's blu ray drive is toast. Since discovering Simbin, i have not had the urge to get my PS3 fixed. Also back in November i did not own a wheel so playing f1 2010 was no fun.
  12. I haven't tryed f1 2010 but I can say that MMG is way better than FRR. That said in my opinion MMG is only really realistic in how it feels and not in terms of downforce, drag, engine power, tire grip etc. it's like real f1 but in fast forward, where laptimes are a few seconds faster than they would be if the numbers were more accurate.
  13. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Just had a look at the actual 2011 F1 car from a race,FRR seems to be modeled from 2011 f1 season. Anyone correct me if im wrong.
  14. pretty close for sure
  15. I think I read some were it was done from a Force India f1 car. Don't know if that is true or not tbo
  16. I'm sure it's not a Force India, not looking like one of them! I think it's a mix: air intake over the driver's head looks like on the 2010 Ferrari, rear wing is from a Renault, nose I think is from a 2010 Williams, and there are some parts that are not like that on any F1 car , f.e. the part that connects the front wing to the nose (btw front wing too, even if it's very similar to Ferrari's front wing), it's not shaped like that on any of last years F1 models. Generally it looks like an F1 car certainly, and as more teams had those shark fins at the back in 2010, this is more like an average 2011 car now.
  17. Best F1 ATM is MMG 2007 combined with RR physics and tires with 10% grip taken off...

    The basic RR is way too fast, has too much grip and power. It usually laps over 5 seconds per lap faster than F1. Even when combining the 2011 DRS and KERS it's still too powerful. But with 2007 engine it comes very close and the physics are better than stock MMG 2007, all though it is very good as it is. MMG tires also has too narrow grip margins, RR with reduced grip is much more forgiving.

    I am not sure about the copyrights and such regarding the RR files so sharing them is really not an option for me.
  18. Kennett, thats a great idea! Can you release that patch so i can geave it a try?
  19. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium Member

    F1 car weights 640kg with driver, RR1 car 545kg (without driver?). Is there any driver's weight "handicap" for car in Race07? And what about better tyres on RR1 car in comparison with F1? It isn't real F1 car after all.
  20. There's a possibility to add weight for drivers I think, I don't know how it works however as I never run servers.