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Skins Formula One 2016 1.00

Adds real F1 2016 season

    • Real driver names from 2016 season
    • Real team names from 2016
    • Real championship name and logo
    • Talent files based on 2015 that will be updated through the season

    And remember AI make mistakes, AI don't drive perfect every session. So don't take screeshot from 1 session as 100% indication on there speed
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  1. Hi Martin,
    Does this replace the 2015 season or is this a complete new additional season/mod?
  2. It replace 2015 since both use the Formula Extreme cars
  3. Thanks for quick reply and the great mods!

    Do you think it would be possible to create the F1 2016 as an add on instead of replacing? I remember the 1991 mod for SCE. It didnt replace the original files. So in SCE it was possible.
  4. It is possible yes, but from my testing there is some small problems with it. If I name the new series like reiza98(or something else) then I don't get the series image to work on the menu. Since have to name it according to the rest, like original the highest is reiza20, so then I have to name my reiza21 for it to work. But, if people have other mods like DTM then that is reiza21 so then this mod have to be reiza22. So it have to be adjusted to everyone according to what mods they have...

    So it's small things, like the mod works fine without the series image ofc but I decided to just do it like this now then see if I update it to a ''standalone''
  5. Thanks! Would be great if you could find a way to make it standalone!
  6. Well done mate, saved me a bit of work, I will look at making the engine files like i did for GSCE before that delivers engine ratings and performance based on team. Maybe I will just post it here to you and you can combine it to your 2016 update to keep it all together.

    Example: Mercedes Engine performance = 100%
    Ferrari Engine performance = 99%
    McLaren Engine Performance = 80%

    and so on, combined with driver talent files and skills it gives the races a really realistic feel and sometimes quite close to real life, gives some great amazing races and no more Manor at number 1 or Mercedes coming in 9th or 10th. Obviously it can get updated and evolved based on what we actually see this year in real life.

    Stay Tuned.

    Good Work Dude
  7. Would you guys like engine powers based on 2015 or based on 2016 testing Barcelona?
    For example;

    Mercedes = 1.00 or 100%
    Ferrari = 0.98 or 98%
    Williams = 0.96
    Force India = 0.96
    Redbull = 0.96
    Torro Rosso = 0.94
    Renault = 0.92
    Haas = 0.92
    Sauber = 0.92
    McLaren = 0.90
    Manor = 0.90

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  8. I would prefer for the 2016 set the engine power from Barcelona.
  9. See previous post updated to what I set them at!
  10. Nice! I would set toro roso and force India both at .95
    I think they are both about the same.
  11. Ok, will start testing
  12. If you need beta testers, i would like to help!
  13. Will send you a PM in a little.
  14. Testing good Spa