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Formula ks2 @ Interlagos wednesday November 24th 2010

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Bjorn de Haas, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Class: formula ks2
    Track: Interlagos download here
    download fix
    Weather: dry
    Practice: 15 minutes 20:00 gmt
    Qualification: 15 minutes
    Race: 40 laps
    Notes: Click here to read the password and golden rules
    1. Bjorn de Haas
    2. Daniel Ouff
    3. Senad subasic
    4. Dave stephenson
    5. steffen Lauge sorensen
    6. Sergio Marques
    7. Paul Hamwa
    8. Lee Ross
    9. Ulus Ulusalonur
    10. Laurent Resende
    11. Olivier Prenten
    12. Jeff Fedorovich
    13. Samuel Korthof
    14. Ivan oldano
    15. -
  2. I'm deffo in for this. Amazing track, probably the best yet.
  3. Still working on the event list haha im getting a hard time today haha
  4. I'll be there :good:
  5. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

  6. Me too please :woot:
  7. A pirate ask to come aboard.:D
  8. yes! count me in! :)
  9. Deffo in on this!
  10. Yes I can come
  11. i changed the race to 40 laps so that we can have a full gp 2 race:)
  12. it's such a pleasure to race alongside drivers as fast as you and especially as correct as I will not fail to be present Wednesday!!
    Bjjjjjjjjjorn ok for me, notResonde,, Resende Laurent reprobed LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I'll be there too if you all agree!:wink:
  14. :cool:Ok Laurent whahhaa lol
  15. I can make this one. Put me down as in. :)
  16. damn the grids are filling up and I can't race!! argh!!

    can someone email me a set of pedals pleeze?
  17. Paul i know how frustating it is mate:( hope to see you soon on track
  18. I am new with Netkar Pro but I have tons of experience with Rfactor and Race07 so count me in for this race. Great track btw.
  19. Samuel attention in NetKar managing contacts with other cars is not the same as in rFactor and Race 07 !!!!!!!!!!
    In NetKar the slightest touch, it was the smallest with the other cars and the environment is reflected immediately with serious damage and requires a return to stand immediately (1 round of "penalty" automatic return to the stand)