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Formula American Racing Team Announcement

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Tom Kelley, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. It is with great pleasure that I announce the new competitor that will burst on to Formula Sim Racing scene: Formula American Racing Team, FART for short. FART has been so busy gassing up for the start of the season that Team owner Mike Rotch couldn’t wait no longer to make a new movement.

    FART drivers will compete at the highest division of FSR World Championship. FART drivers are so confident of their potency that they will join without first ever competing in the WS or WT. Team Manager Hugh Janus was really excited about this year and can’t wait to toot his own horn.

    Please welcome team driver #1 for FART Maya Buttreeks. Maya is a professional driver and loves sim racing too. When asked about what his favorite thing to do he said: “Every time I win a race I love driving by the crowd so they can hear my exhaust.” Not only had that he added, the sweet smell of burning gas adds to the whole experience. Butreeks thinks it’s really cool to see the exhaust gas lighting up as it exits out the rear.

    Additionally, FART’s additional Team Driver Ahmed Adoodie will join. Adoodie is known for his silent but deadly pace. Competitors often never know what hit them. Adoodie is really excited about the start of the FSR season, he says to all other drivers, “I’m looking forward to competing, I want to make my presence known, because when they do they’ll get out of my way!”
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  2. FART is looking for Drivers to fill out its stable of WS and WT teams, please nominate your suggestions here.
  3. That part cracked me up :roflmao:

    Good luck to the FARTers. I hope you can fill your team before 12pm :whistling::whistling::whistling: :roflmao::laugh:
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  4. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    April Fools! :D FART is definitely the best team name I've ever heard of! :laugh: Remember to gas up more so you're competitive! :roflmao:

    Anyway, on a more serious note, good luck on your very difficult début! :)
  5. Full GAS farters! LoL

  6. I FART a lot.. am i in??? :roflmao: