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Skins Formula Abarth - Lotus Type 125 3.0

Lotus Type 125 / 4096 HD Skin!!!

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  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Great looking car!:thumbsup:
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  2. The pictures look great. However you should check the uploaded files. When I install the files I do get the original ShemeA_1 skin of the car. Or Maybe I did something wrong. Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2013
  3. thanks bro
  4. mayby you did something wrong well u must have works fine for me ,,, are you changing the skin in game?
  5. I get the #74 in red and white scheme when i download the files. Checked it in game and checked the preview pic in the downloaded zip file. Neither are the Lotus livery.
  6. I did download the files again using the above Download now button. Uzip the files. And again the #74 car livery appears. Please check the also the Post from Lee Allen. Sorry for my poor English....Greetings from Holland.
  7. really strange i have it in my game works perfect one of the easiest games to skin?
  8. The skin It looks very well indeed. The problem must be the 53 old computer-nerd I am. I will try it later again. I wil let you know soon as it works for me.
  9. Look m8 ,, I do not know what else to do I Have the mod installed on my pc it works fine ,
    Just try and install the Livery on its own its the file that is 22MB Just try that without any of the other files ,,,:thumbsup:
  10. ;)Yes it works. The problem was: I expected to see the new skin in the car menu. So i did not look any further ingame. The car looks amazing. Thx for your patience. Never to old to learn.
  11. hi all ,
    i dont understand from Skins Lotus F1 forTatuus ,i have download ,but the skin it's the same of original Assetto red and white , Scheme1_A !! no change !
    sry for this remarq
  12. Very nice skin! Thanks a lot! ;)
  13. You Guys can disagree all you want could not care less .. The skin works fine on my PC If you do not know how to install mods after I gave clear instructions then Again could not care less ,,,:thumbsup:
  14. why is the download size 920.4kbs
  15. because its zipped:thumbsup:
  16. Anyone Interested in This New Update I Just Made for Myself :thumbsup:
    2013-11-25_00003.jpg 2013-11-25_00001.jpg 2013-11-25_00002.jpg
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  17. The new Update is fantastic super work :) :thumbsup: !!!
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