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Formula 1 qualifying format - Fantastic Reiza!

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Keith Windsor, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Didn't get much time to race yesterday, but last night, I discovered the F1 style qualifying sessions in Formula Extreme, with the top 15 making it to Q2 and the top 10 making it into Q3. Looks nicely customizable as well.

    So thank you again Reiza for this brilliant update, these cars are exciting to drive & it looks like they will make a great F1 season.

    Your change log for v1.20 is already very good, but you have kept quiet about some of these welcome extras :)
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  2. I can only agree with Keith. Great job Reiza. It is really amazing to drive formula extreme.

    But i have a problem with the qualifying sessions. I can't manage it to advance to Q2 and Q3. Even when i finsih Q1 in first place, the game doesn't proceed with Q2 and switches to "Warmup" Session when i click on next session. What do i have to do when Q1 is finished and i want to start Q2?

    EDIT: just found out, that proceeding to Q2 and Q3 only doesn't work in "Championship" mode. In "Single Race" it is working. "rfm" file for formula extreme championship isn't changed.
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  3. I hope we can sort that out stash, I will have a look at it when I get chance, it might be possible to edit it and make it work, fingers crossed
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  4. Would it work for online ?
  5. Unfortunately you are right, it does not work and I have tried various changes to make it work in championship mode but with no success. I also discovered that the qualifying settings in the rfm do not work, so it is not possible to adjust the number of cars that go through to the next sessions.

    I hope Reiza will let us use these settings in a season at some point, but for now I will use the single race option..
  6. Hi guys, I'm having problem with the stockv8 new qualifying format. In the real life it is 2 sessions of 16 drivers and the best 10 times go to the final session that defines the pole. Here, even in single race, I can't go to the track in the qualy and when the time ends and I go to the next session (race), the grid is compound by the 16 drivers who entered on track on the qualy on the top 16 places and behind then the other 16 that haven't done that.
  7. Have you selected 2 qualifying sessions in the main menu? It sounds like you have it set on only 1.
  8. Hi guys any help appreciated, I too cannot get to Q 2 even when on pole, the main menu only let's me select 0 or 1 for tracks. The extreme rfm has qualifying type at 2 for F1 style but always only 1. Do I have to edit the track gbd or something?
    please help
  9. It was taken out because it wasnt working properly.
  10. Cheers Understood