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Mods Ford Fiesta RS WRC 2011-2012 Hirvonen + Latvala 1.1

Latvala's Fiesta RS WRC 2012

  1. meerkat80 submitted a new resource:

    Ford Fiesta RS WRC 2012 Latvala - Latvala's Fiesta RS WRC 2012

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  2. [​IMG]

    Thx meerkat80.
  3. meerkat80
    "It's marked v0.9 because I'm still figuring out how to make the "matte exagons". They barely show on real stage picture, and are more visible in the press photo shoot but still I can't see them very well."

    What do you mean by "matte exagons"?
  4. If you look you can see them on the hood, on the trunk, rear bumper and even on the wheel arches: http://pictures.topspeed.com/IMG/crop/201201/2012-ford-fiesta-rs-wrc_1280x0w.jpg
    One may think they are some kind of odd studio reflections, but there are some real stage pics in which you can (barely) see them too.

    thanks for the messages about the front light, I'll fix the texture for version 1.
  5. I had not noticed this detail on the livery.

  6. Damn exagons :I
  7. Hello meerkat, Excellent work on the livery. I suggest if you have photoshop to do a "hexagon" layer in between the wrc/ ford logo and the hood and either use a vector or select tool to create the hexagon pattern, do a fill and do a boolean subtract for the hex grids. You could play with the transparency on the "hexagon" layer as you see fit. Similarly you can possibly copy your hex layer and scale and rotate that layer to match your image for the other parts of the car. Wish I could help don't have photoshop anymore and wanted to do the old and newer cars that I've always liked. I just recently playing again including the old CMR series seems like the old High Gear and Black Hole Motorsport forums are all gone where I was active once. Anyway hope to see you finish it.
  8. Yes this is more or less how I started. The main problem is that I don't have good enough pictures to see where they are. If anyone could help me locate them all would be easier. Not much time to work on it now BTW. But it will be out one day I promise (with the chrome fix on the front lights).
  9. Thanks for the pics. I have all the studio pictures, but they are not good enough :(
  10. Well good luck I'll check you back later
  11. Hi meerkat, I thought the reference pictures shared above were clear enough showing where some of the hexagons are, at least the most noticeable ones. Even if it's not perfect it's okay, but it's not the end of the world if they're not there...just wondering why finally you did not include some of them in v1.0 :)
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2015
  12. Because there are no picture available that show the position of *all* the exagons. No plans to add them sorry.
  13. no problem, like I said earlier, those are minor details almost unnoticeable ;)
  14. :O_o:
    uploading the fix right now.
    I knew I screwed something.