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Skins Force India VJM06 HD 1.0

VJM06 skin revamp in HD size.

  1. realitychecked


    TheJlfan submitted a new resource:

    Force India VJM06 HD revamped skin - VJM06 skin revamp in HD size.

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  2. you are the best!!
  3. after extracting i noticed that the files are way too big, i think I'll pass on this one. sorry
  4. BWX


    The texures_high is fine, but the texture_low is the one that is too big,, Or seems to be too big.
  5. Agree, way too big file size.
  6. Thanks ;)
  7. realitychecked


    Don't worry guys, will fix it along with fixed sponsors (if they work right... :whistling:).

    EDIT: It seems the new logos won't fit in thanks to CM's "mod killing" technique. I don't have problems with the texture_low being too big, it loads the same for me. I don't get what it is for (I forgot about it :unsure:).
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2013
  8. texture low is when AI control the car, texture high is when you are driving it. If all of the AI cars were that big then a 1GB vram card wouldn't be able to load them and boom CTD.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2013
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  9. Why you made it secret ... i can't change the 4096.....
  10. realitychecked


    Huh? Secret? What secret?
  11. i mean, if i open the dds main from fr2, i can't
  12. realitychecked


    What? You can open the DDS with any photograph manipulator or something else. You just need the right software for it.
    Well then, if you want it for you then just replace the texture/high. There's no difference, I just made it sharper with new logos and stuff like that.
  13. i use Paint.net^^ pssg ryder
  14. I'm good thanks with 4GB VRAM over 2x GTX680's but a lot of people with 1GB will CTD. Looks great by the way.
  15. Thank you