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Skins Force India - Smirnoff 1.1

Personal 2014 Force India Skin

  1. rogi123 submitted a new resource:

    Force India - Smirnoff - Personal 2014 Force India Skin

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  2. beautifull
  3. Nice, not bad for your first skin ;) :thumbsup:
  4. This is an incredibly solid-looking design. Cheers to you mate! :)
  5. Thank you all :)
    Glad you like it!
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  6. Very well done, good job!!! I love the detail, thanks for the effort.
  7. guys i downloaded it and there is a folder livery_main in the mod but in the game folder tere are several folders named livery_main which one do i replace it with?
  8. Replace in the cars fc2 livery_main
  9. got it thanks @massa superb mod btw
  10. I am glad to help Regards