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Fixup Plugin Support

Discussion in 'WorkerBees RBR Plugin Support' started by Pete Mull, Mar 31, 2012.

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  2. FixUp plugin is available here:

    RBR FixUp plugin

    As usual, details provided in the readme.

    Furthermore, I recommend to change the file
    in the RBR root directory as follows:


    This should significantly improve the quality of the sounds.
    Especially you should then be able to hear the rain falling and some more gimmicks.


    2.9 2017-02-14
    New features
    * configurable sound refresh rate to address tire sound issues

    2.8 2016-12-10
    New features
    * Z-Modeler fix

    2.7 2016-02-11
    New features:
    * another sound buffer fix, this time in the context of the mixer
    * adaptive FFB has configurable FPS now
    * added FFB steering wheel dead zone
    * ten times the number of fences for add-on tracks

    2.6 2015-03-01
    * no calibration of FFB in replay
    * adaptive FFB disabled by default

    2.5 2015-01-27
    New features:
    * adaptive force feedback configurable

    2.4 2015-01-19
    New features:
    * adaptive force feedback

    2.3 2015-01-07
    New features:
    * check and fix textures indices after loading the LBS file

    2.2 2014-09-21
    * improved support for online plugins

    2.1 2014-07-03
    New feature:
    * sound bug fix: fixed calculation of gravel pitch

    2.00 2014-03-02
    New features:
    * show patch revision in dialog
    * removed material maps patch, which is now part of the PhysicsNG plugin

    1.13 2013-07-14
    New features:
    * fix sanity check of index in rally names array while loading
    car flip animation

    1.12 2013-04-08
    New features:
    * check and fix name offsets of animation ids in DLS data

    1.11 2013-03-28
    New features:
    * material maps fix

    1.10 2013-02-28
    New features:
    * fix collision mesh calculation

    1.9.3 2012-12-31
    New features:
    * check and fix DLS data

    1.9.2 2012-12-25
    New features:
    * processor of the main thread configurable

    1.9.1 2012-12-21
    New features:
    * dropped RBRDLL support
    * fixed car damage speech stuff
    * set main thread affinity to first available processor
    New features:
    * proxy access to FixUp features
    New features:
    * sound distance fix
    * engine sound
    * check interactive object ids

    Have fun!

    Uncle G.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2017
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  3. Another new version of the FixUp plugin is available (see second posting):

    New features in 1.9.1:
    * dropped RBRDLL support
    * fixed car damage speech stuff
    * set main thread affinity to first available processor
    * proxy access to FixUp features

    You won't miss rbrdll, Pacenote plugin does the slowmo trick now.

    Uncle G.
  4. A new version is out.

    See second posting for details and download link.

    Uncle G.
  5. Thanks Uncle G, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  6. Hey Uncle G.

    Thank you very much! Have a happy new year!

  7. Hello. I got this weird problem with vsync. when i turn vsync off sounds of the cars go crazy specially in tarmac(sounds like tires screaming all the time some more weird sounds), and when i but vsync on sound go back to normal but then game starts to skip frames, very annoying twiching every couple of seconds. is there any way to get the sounds right with vsync off?
  8. That is exactly the behavior which is to be expected: sounds going crazy with v-sync off.

    Your problems with v-sync on must have other reasons, running at 60 FPS (assuming you have kinda TFT monitor) should be no problem for RBR's rendering components.

    Maybe you have some weird mods active or some setting in your graphics card (AA and such stuff).

    We have lots of machines running with v-sync on perfectly.

    If there would be another way of fixing the sound (and other related) issues, I would have implemented it.
  9. Hallo,does this works with RSRBR 2013?
  10. Well, the thing is that RSRBR2013 now contains FixUp v1.7.8.1 by default but it doesn't let you update it yourself - like in the past - as RSCenter changes the file back to the older version.

    So to answer your question: no, the newest version doesn't really work. Which is bit of a bummer.

    If only I wasn't the public enemy numero uno to Rallyesim, I would go to their forums asking the file to be updated for the next patch. :) Might still do, don't think I've seen anyone else requesting it, a shame really.
  11. Thanks a lot for your answer,i 'll contact with them right now and make a post about this FixUp Patch asking the file to be updated for the next patch if...,
  12. That's funny.

    The version of my FixUp plugin was a more or less inofficial one.
    I am surprised that it made it into the rsrbr release.

    Good idea to vote for updating it to the latest version. Fingers crossed.
  13. I've made a post too,,,,,i think 1.9.2 is a very nice plugin :)
  14. New version 1.9.3 is out.

    Should be the last version for this year.

    See first message for details and download link as usual.
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  15. RSRBR updated the fixup version straight to 1.9.3, which is very pleasing. :)

    However, let it be known that the brilliant sound fix is unfortunately more or less nullified by eq_mix.dll that is in the Plugins folder. So if you still have strange problems of losing some if not all engine/FX sounds at certain situations, I recommend - and WorkerBee agrees whole-heartedly - removing eq_mix.dll from the Plugins folder. Make a backup, don't delete.

    I suspect that 99,9% of gamers won't miss it anyway. In fact, for any Pacenote Plugin users with RSRBR, removing it should be a no-brainer.
  16. Oh wow. I found the thread by searching for an aspect ratio fix and found the solution to something that's been really bugging me. Thank you so much! I had no idea the sound problem would be related to vsync being disabled. And thank you for all the work with the fixup plugin!
  17. Hi guys,

    I can't find a solution - how to run this game with 1280x720 resolution? I need it for my projector in order to get a 3D effect. No other resolution will work (HDMI limit).
  18. Michael Nelson

    Michael Nelson

    You should have a RichardBurnsRally.ini file in your root RBR directory. Open it and change these two lines at the end:
    XRes =1280
    YRes =720
    If you use RSRBR you can change the resolution settings in the menu there as well.

    You may find for future reference this site useful: http://www.widescreengaming.net/wiki/Richard_Burns_Rally
    It lists how to get widescreen resolutions in games that don't natively support it.