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Filtre DOF pour Cinéma 4D

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by César Vonc, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Bonjour,

    Je suis en train de coder un filtre d'exportation DOF pour Cinéma 4D. Je prévois également la possibilité de générer automatiquement les fichiers track.shd et geometry.ini.

    J'aurais cependant besoin de votre aide concernant la structure de ces fichiers, je vais commencer par geometry.ini, je reviendrai plus tard sur les autres qui pour l'instant ne me posent pas de problème particulier.

    Que signifie exactement la valeur flags dans geometry.ini ? Je constate qu'à 0, l'objet n'a pas de collision, mais autrement elle semble prendre des valeurs totalement arbitraires, y a-t-il une règle ?



    I am coding an DOF filter for Cinema 4D who will be able too to export the track.shd and geometry.ini files.

    I have some questions about the geometry.ini, what mean exactly the flags value ? I see that at 0 the objets don't have collisions, but in other case flags seems to have random value, what is the real rule ?
  2. God day for all. I have a question. I have downloaded a mod, but when i opened car directory, there was no .dof file. How can i find it?
  3. Do you allow file extensions to be viewed?

    What car?
  4. NYSA
  5. Probably dof's are locked.
  6. Whn i opened the car (Nysa 521) folder, there is no .dof file, so i can't import it to the zmodeler. Where can i find that car .dof body file?
  7. How can i unlock them?
  8. I don't know, and I think nobody will tell you public. :p
  9. If there is a data.ar file then the dof's are indeed locked and will remain unavailable to you.

    Try a different car/track.