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Skins Fictional Williams-Honda & Williams Mercedes 1.1

Fictional Williams-Honda & Williams Mercedes, car only.

  1. Henky SA submitted a new resource:

    Fictional Williams-Honda - Fictional Williams-Honda, car only.

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  2. Good job men!:D:D;):thumbsup::thumbsup:
  3. thanks ! :thumbsup:
  4. Very creative car and nice looking,Mercedes-Benz version would be better, but in general good job:).
  5. thank you very much :D :thumbsup:
    i've done the mercedes-benz ver & i would to upload it BUT connection issue prevent me to upload this new updated resource (uploading attempt always fail! even though the file size is around 2MB) :( i'l try to upload it again around next 30min.

    here is the pic :D how do you think
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  6. I will make a render for you buddy,really like that car..
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  7. The render looks really bad. Although the idea is very good and the car too. Great job, as Wilmer said this car deserves a proper render:)
  8. it's my fault that i couldn't make a proper 3D Render on Photoshop LOL :roflmao: :redface:
  9. Photoshop isn't really good for renders. Use cinema 4d for example. It's capable of amazing renders :).
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  10. thanks for the tips :D gonna try it.

    some OOT : it's just me or i can upload my updated resource on mediafire perfectly but when i upload the updated resources (williams honda & williams mercedes included) on RD i faced an error when uploading :O_o:
  11. could someone tell me how to put an external link (such as mediafire, putlocker, mega etc) as the download link of the "download now" button? :O_o:
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  12. both versions are included in one file that i've been uploaded in updated resource, so the honda ver is still remain inside. :D
  13. Nice, Make me believe i can do Honda f1 team