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FFB Wheel lock depending of car?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Blockfan888, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. I have a G27 wheel andi've playing Assetto Corsa for almost a year and i've always thought that there was no such thing as a ffb wheel lock depending of your car since once my wheel goes beyond the range of the car i'm using say for example an f1 car, any movements that i do will have no effect in the car but the wheel will still turn until it hits 900º.
    This doesn't happen with other games that i've tried (AMS, Rfactor2...) so is this even a feature in the game or am i doing something wrong when setting up the wheel?
  2. ouvert


    make sure you have your AC logitech profile (or general profile is you don`t use game specific) set to allow game to change settings and that it is linked to acs.exe and not to AssettoCorsa.exe
  3. Is there supposed to be some kind of ffb lock to the wheel so that it doens't go the full rotation or not? Because i've tried what you said and i've got the same result, the wheel still does 900º of rotation but only registers the ones the car allows.
  4. You should verify that wheel rotation in the Windows device settings is 900°
  5. Michael Stead

    Michael Stead

    You guys are talking about different things.

    To the OP

    Go to your Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg folder and open assetto_corsa.ini

    Scroll down to the bottom and you should see


    Change the 0 to 1 and save it. It should enable an experimental ff effect that should stop your wheel when you reach a car's particular steering limit.
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