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FFB tweak (no void)

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Derinahon, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. That empty 10 - 2 position is now filled with glorious surface texture. Enjoy! Thanks Msportdan for the pad/wheel switch.

    - Made some small changes to suspension and lateral settings.
    - Updated to catch some feedback from tarmac
    - Removed some overlap on suspension setting, feels cleaner now
    - Reduced SelfAligningTorque - counter steering had too much resistance
    - Switched collision settings to wheel; seems to add some nice effects
    - Switched FFBSkid to wheel (these still need tweaking)

    Steering resistance:
    My wheel and settings:
    T500RS default with 540 rotation.
    In game:
    Vibration 100
    Strength 90
    Weight 50

    Open '\Steam\SteamApps\common\DiRT Rally\forcefeedback\effectsetup.xml' and replace contents entirely with the below. Make a backup of the original!

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <FFBEffects soloRampRate="1000" soloAttenuation="0">
       <FFBEffectSelfAligningTorque device="wheel" scale="0.5"/>
       <FFBlateral device="wheel" scale="1.0" velocityFactor="0.04" frictionGripScalar="55.0" frictionSurfaceScalar="6.5"/>
       <FFBCollision device="wheel" scale="0.75" thresholdLow="0.6" thresholdHigh="10.0" damageZone="0" freq="15.0" length="0.3" sample="smallCollisionWheel"/>
       <FFBCollision device="wheel" scale="0.75" thresholdLow="10.0" thresholdHigh="5000.0" damageZone="0" freq="10.0" length="0.6" sample="largeCollisionWheel"/>
       <FFBSuspension device="wheel" scale="0.12" thresholdLow=".07" thresholdHigh=".4" freq="7" length="0.4" sample="suspensionWheel"/>
       <FFBSuspension device="wheel" scale="0.18" thresholdLow=".4" thresholdHigh="2.5" freq="5" length="0.4" sample="suspensionWheel"/>
       <FFBSuspension device="wheel" scale="1.0" thresholdLow="2.5" thresholdHigh="20.0" freq="5" length="0.4" sample="suspensionWheel"/>
       <FFBCollision device="wheel" scale="0.07" thresholdLow="0.01" thresholdHigh="0.6" damageZone="0" freq="20.0" length="0.1" sample="scrapeCollisionLow"/>
       <FFBCollision device="wheel" scale="0.07" thresholdLow="0.01" thresholdHigh="0.6" damageZone="0" freq="20.0" length="0.1" sample="scrapeCollisionHigh"/>
       <FFBCollision device="wheel" scale="2.0" thresholdLow="0.6" thresholdHigh="10.0" damageZone="0" freq="15.0" length="0.2" sample="smallCollisionLow"/>
       <FFBCollision device="wheel" scale="2.0" thresholdLow="0.6" thresholdHigh="10.0" damageZone="0" freq="15.0" length="0.2" sample="smallCollisionHigh"/>
       <FFBCollision device="wheel" scale="2.5" thresholdLow="10.0" thresholdHigh="5000.0" damageZone="0" freq="10.0" length="0.5" sample="largeCollisionLow"/>
       <FFBCollision device="wheel" scale="2.5" thresholdLow="10.0" thresholdHigh="5000.0" damageZone="0" freq="10.0" length="0.5" sample="largeCollisionHigh"/>
       <FFBSkid device="wheel" scale="1.2" thresholdLow="0.9" thresholdHigh="1.1" thresholdMin="3.0" freqLow="4" freqHigh="30.0" load="1.0" length="0.2" sample="skidBack"/>
       <FFBSkid device="wheel" scale="1.6" thresholdLow="1.0" thresholdHigh="1.3" thresholdMin="3.0" freqLow="16.0" freqHigh="16.0" load="1.0" length="0.1" sample="skidFront"/>
       <FFBSuspension device="wheel" scale="0.25" thresholdLow="1.6" thresholdHigh="20.0" length="0.25" freq="7" sample="suspensionR1"/>
       <FFBSuspension device="wheel" scale="0.25" thresholdLow="1.6" thresholdHigh="20.0" length="0.25" freq="7" sample="suspensionL1"/>
       <FFBRevs device="wheel" scale="0.25" thresholdLow="0.1" thresholdHigh="1.2" freqLow="1" freqHigh="18.0" scaleLow="0.2" scaleHigh="0.95" length="0.05" sample="revEffect"/>
       <FFBSample name="scrapeCollisionLow" wave="9" envelope="61125521121"/>
       <FFBSample name="scrapeCollisionHigh" wave="9" envelope="98721" channel="1"/>
       <FFBSample name="smallCollisionLow" wave="9" envelope="986454321"/>
       <FFBSample name="smallCollisionLow" wave="9" envelope="982312531"/>
       <FFBSample name="smallCollisionHigh" wave="9" envelope="986454321" channel="1"/>
       <FFBSample name="smallCollisionHigh" wave="9" envelope="982312531" channel="1"/>
       <FFBSample name="skidBack" wave="9" envelope="0" channel="1" solo="1"/>
       <FFBSample name="skidFront" wave="9" envelope="9" channel="1" solo="1"/>
       <FFBSample name="largeCollisionLow" wave="9" envelope="98675462584" solo="1"/>
       <FFBSample name="largeCollisionLow" wave="9" envelope="98765432629" solo="1"/>
       <FFBSample name="largeCollisionHigh" wave="9" envelope="98675462594" channel="1" solo="1"/>
       <FFBSample name="largeCollisionHigh" wave="9" envelope="98765432628" channel="1" solo="1"/>
       <FFBSample name="suspensionR1" wave="9" envelope="9564720" channel="0"/>
       <FFBSample name="suspensionL1" wave="1" envelope="9564720" channel="1"/>
       <FFBSample name="revEffect" wave="91" envelope="9" channel="1"/>
       <FFBSample name="smallCollisionWheel" wave="124689" envelope="97654321000"/>
       <FFBSample name="largeCollisionWheel" wave="5697641345" envelope="9879987542312"/>
       <FFBSample name="suspensionWheel" wave="64" envelope="9"/>
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2015
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  2. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    i think the latest update screwed this up somehow. Because if you copy the identiacl suspension values as the fix for the pulling right effect, now i lose all the ffb again.Only way is to keep the original suspension values, but change to pad.

    p.s hows does this differ from mine mate?
  3. Have you tried the entire config? It should feel much different. What I've done is taken the suspension value, given it a lower threshold to pick up smaller bumps in road surface and reduced the scale. I left the original suspension line so we still get feedback for large suspension travel. This (for me at least) eliminated the empty feel when the wheel is around the centre position and I get feedback through the wheel from different road surfaces. FFB matches the animated wheel movement in game when traveling in a straight line. This is what I was looking for mainly, but I have tweaked a few other settings also.

    Test it out on a gravel stage and you'll see what I mean.
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  4. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    cool ill try, :)
  5. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    can I just say you have officially smashed it with these settings, better than mine.. Although I didn't tweak anything...


    Recommended by me..

    great work!! cheers mate!!
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2015
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  6. Thanks mate, we could probably fine tune a bit, but I'm having a blast with these settings. I wouldn't have bothered if you hadn't found pad could be switched to wheel so well done. Hope everyone else enjoys.
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  7. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I plastered these all over where I posted mine, with creds of course hope you didn't mind :)


    loving the way cm are denying this isn't a fix, and you just need to tweak your wheel profile lol!
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  8. Of course, spread the word!

    I just posted on their Wheel settings thread, good effort, but doesn't go far enough IMO. Maybe they'll take a look - they're supposed to be listening after all :)
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  9. Phil Davies

    Phil Davies

    Well done guys,had to tone the effects down a bit in the game settings for my G25,Awesome this is the sort of feel i was expecting from codemasters(lol) even at early access,Legends the pair of you,Thanks.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::)
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  10. This is it boys! Derinahon and Msportdan won the internetz today :thumbsup::thumbsup:.

    I tested and is miles better, although for my G27 i use these settings :

    540 deg
    In game:
    Vibration 100
    Strength 90
    Weight 10

    Weight 70 is overkill, atleast for me, i need 2 new arms after one stage and on tight corners i need fast movement on wheel.
    Ofc is not perfect, hope CM will address this issue sooner than later but for now this is awesome.

    Thank you!
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2015
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  11. This is great guys, thanks!!
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  12. Sooo good thanks guys! Feels great.
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  13. THANK YOU DERINAHON! it makes things much better now! For me you are the winner of the day! :)
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  14. Thanks a lot guys!!!
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  15. Very nice set, works well with the T500 at 450 degrees.
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  16. jimortality


    Right I've copied and pasted Derinahon's stuff over and changed the pad to wheel as per Dan. It's a definite improvement but with only early access, I'm still lacking a little something. I have a TX so it should be same as T300 settings. Are you using any spring or damper in tm profile?
  17. Codies wheel suggestions have 100% damp in Thrustmaster profile.

    T300 here - going to try the fix asap.
  18. Why there are still "pad" devices in config, shouldn't they all be replaced with "wheel"?
  19. Works great... Thnx... But not much on tarmac. Any chance of adding a little rumble for tarmac? Thnx again.
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  20. I didn't want to oversaturate the feedback so only changed the L/R suspension from pad to wheel. I don't know how suitable those other effects are for wheel - haven't tried.