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FFB settings

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Olivier Mandavy, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. What are the differences between FFB @ Full and the other settings ? High, Medium and so on...?
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  2. That's what i was asking before too, but the only answer i've got, how Race07 handled these settings. But i think (because of what i'm feeling at the wheel) that these FFB effects levels work different in R3E.

    Look here in the old thread i've made -> http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/ffb-effects-levels.64652/

    It would be quite interesting to know, but perhaps after the big FFB update in a few weeks, this question become obsolete.
  3. By the way where did you read news about this big FFB update?
  4. Dev-Blog #10:
    "We started looking deeply into the code for force feedback and road feeling improvements. There are some major changes which will need extensive tests but we hope to be able to share them with you before the summer ends. Along with the ffb changes, we will also update the default controller profiles."

    Dev-Blog #11:
    "We have done and continue to do vast improvements and additions to the overall force feedback. There are some fundamental changes which require some extensive tests but soon we will be able to share them with you."

    Georg Ortner right on RD here and here:
    "We are working on new FFB right now.
    I´m looking forward to hear how you like it once we get it out"
    "Yes, it´s a quite fundamental change to the FFB code."

    And just almost all comments by Marcus Reynolds here.
    Just an extract from that: "....and now also the Force Feedback has been completely re-written and in testing at this moment, this is going to be massive for Simbin actually, very excited to see that going up to the beta testers very soon, as a race game fan I play pretty much everything and have been comparing with what I consider the best FFB in the industry, in that light I think we compare with the very best finally, we will let you be the judge of that however when it is released to the public"
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  5. can't wait to feel THAT :D
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  6. It's not that far off imho already the best (Assetto Corsa). A bit more edge of grip feeling i.e slides and less sideways pulling and deadzone down the straights and it's there for me.
    Good to see they are actually listening to concerns as for a while there i didn't think they ever would.
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  7. Yes Assetto Corsa is definitely the bench mark. If they can get close to that I'll be very very happy.
  8. Regarding to FBB, for me it is rF2. :rolleyes: Even flatspots give a noticeable feeling.
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  9. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    The benchmark is rF2 all the way for me.
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  10. If they get close to AC, rF2 or iRacing in terms of FFB then I'm happy with either. While I find rF2 FFB a lot more informative, especially in terms of roadfeel, I also find it a bit over the top at times, whereas AC FFB tells me what I need to know and what I expect to feel, not much more, which is good. iRacing has pretty darn good FFB (physics is another discussion entirely), somewhere in between those two imo.
  11. Both AC and rF2 are the pinnacle at the moment. And I might get shot for saying this but I like the FFB for GRID Autosport too when adjusted properly. It may not have the detail of AC and rF2 but its does a good job of telling you what the car is doing.
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  12. I agree that iRacing's FFB is also good when adjusted properly for each car, and also as you stated, physics is for another discussion.