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FFB in Race07 - Help needed!

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Harald Stadler, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. I have massive trouble with the FFB in Race07. I cannot get any feeling for the car. I have either no effects or fake/wrong effects. I tried many things in the past and asked many people. Asking here is my last chance to get it right...

    Wheel: Currently, Logitech G25 with CSP pedals.
    I used the original pedals for years, but about three month ago, I change to the CSPs. I also have and tried the Fanatec GT3 wheel.

    What is the problem:
    - I have no usable FFB effects under braking. Nothing which gives me feedback about the car. Normally, I assume a higher force when braking at the optimum and nearly no force when locking the tires. But the only thing I get is that: When the braking zone starts, the wheel begins to vibrate. When the braking zone ends, the vibration stops. No matter if I am braking or not or how hard I brake (I tested it by letting the car roll into the braking zone). So, all I get is a fake effect like in the first ever FFB action racing games...

    - In a corner, I assume to get also feedback via the FFB strength depending on the grip. The better the grip, the higher the strength. If have under-/oversteer, the FFB strength should be less. But all I get is some courious wobbles. Sometimes, in some corners, I get the FFB info I want. But most times, it's just wobbling a bit, or just no feedback at all.

    What did I do until now:
    I tried several settings in the Logitech Profiler, in the FFB settings in-game and I altered the controller set configuration file. I tried severaly configuration files, the ones from no-grip for example. But most of them have just decreased FFB values compared to the original ones. So, they have just less FFB, not better ones. I also tried the same FFB settings than I have in rFactor. But the best configuration set I got from a former teammate, there the wobbling is nearly gone and I have more grip effects in the corner. But I am still missing usefull feedback under braking (which also affects turn-in)...

    Can someone help me? Maybe provide a controller set configuration file, please (which is not one of the files from NoGrip - I know them).

    BTW: It is not the hardware! As stated above, I tried also the Fanatec GT3. It's the same with that wheel. And I have very good FFB in rFactor and iRacing.

    And to avoid discussions about FFB in rF compared to Race07 in advance (I know there will be some comments, as usual... :wink:): YES, original FFB in rF is crap, too! BUT rF reacts much better to changes in the config file and if you really try you get a very good FFB, even without RealFeel or Leo plug-in! :wink: So, if you have no good FFB in rF, you haven't tried... :wink: Oh, and YES, I tried to get better FFB effects in Race07 for month - but still searching... Asking here is my last hope... :eek:

    Edit: I added the control set I currently use, if someone want to try.

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  2. Oh, I just saw that I forgot to set the option in the Logitech profiler that allows the game to alter the FFB settings... I set it to off during some tests a few days ago. :redface: That was the reason for the fake effects and the courious wobbling (I already wondered where this come from, that was unusual, also for Race07 :wink:). But the rest of the problem still remains.

    And BTW, I added the wrong setting. But the one I provided is also a good one, it's the second best I have... But this is my best one, if someone wants to try.

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  3. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    I have read that the best effects for FFB come when the in game settings are set to medium. Any higher and the game tries to "fake" it and you don't get a good feeling for what is happening. As for the braking, I would suggest that someone that uses the CSP's give you an answer as it may be something in that setup that makes the difference.