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FFB; A mind of its own - Logi G27

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by D0K, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. D0K


    Hello all,

    The other night I was running Sachsenring in one of the 2014 ADAC cars and a few laps in, I noticed what felt like my FFB settings had changed, only it was affecting the wheel when I turned it to the left. The best way I could describe it is though resistance had been added, but only affecting the wheel when I turned it left. I'm using the Logitech G27 wheel and pedals.

    I stopped the car, got onto flat surface, turned the wheel to the left and the added resistance was still there. However, turning it to the right felt normal (as it should have based on my FFB settings). I then noticed that when I turned the wheel right, it would lock at 90 degrees from center. Turning the wheel left did not lock at 90, and I was actually able to turn it another full revolution. Almost as if somehow the game, my pc and or the wheel lost its calibration settings.

    I finally just jumped out of the game and restarted it. Prior to getting back into the same challenge, I reset my wheel range (from inside the game) from 200 to 270 and this seemed to fixed the problem. My only concern is I'm not sure what caused it in the first place. Up until then, I'd no issues with the game's FFB.

    Has anyone else had this happen to them and if so, do you know what caused it?

  2. At this rate, RD forums will consist solely of threads complaining about various FFB problems :O_o:
  3. D0K


    My post isn't necessarily a complaint. I'm simply looking for a solution from those who have had similar experiences that found a fix and or figured out what caused it. But thank you for your feedback anyway.
  4. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    there is a chance that it picked up a wierd centre /lost calibration ...ive had that happen a few times in various games

    after that if your having an ffb issue ingame on trtack etc press ALT-F together this resets the ffb

  5. D0K


    Yea I got in a few laps tonight and everything worked without a hitch and I began to realize it may have been a fluke with the calibration or something. Thanks for the positive feedback Andi.
  6. Interesting as I thought iam once more the only one with this issue. I have some issues with the G27 but got somehow used to it. I had the same the last days that ffb was much stronger when turning to the left. It was on Sachsenring and also on Norisring with dtm92. Very strange especially in the chicaine. Alt+F is a good tip but didn't help. Furthermore I use auto rotation but sometimes i loose the rotation during a race and have to turn suddenly much more. Feels like it jumps from 540 to 900 or sth. Happens in all kind of cars. Only thing what helps is to switch to windows, go into the logitech profiler, switch back to the game and my g27 and auto rotation gets somehow recognized and synchs again. Tried new drivers, new profiler installation, installation in compatibility mode, even a second g27. But when it works it makes a lot of fun.
  7. D0K


    Hey Rella, it's definitely strange in that after three years using my Logitech, this had never happened before. I'm glad it wasn't a difficult issue to sort, though I've no idea how I sorted it out. Maybe simply restarting the game helps, granted hopefully you're not in the middle of a race if it happens.

  8. Had it again in the MidOhio challenge and restarting the game solved the issue. Another recurring issue is in MP after qualification in the starting grid the wheel doesn't respond at all, revs go to max and no steering possible. Do you know this?
  9. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    the santa build at christmas spat out a few bugs that had been previously fixed/tweaked and a few that werent there before

    loss of steering /ffb on grid was one that has been around for a while ; this can be cured by ALT-F as your sat waiting for the lights (i do it as a precaution nowadays )

  10. Nice from Santa. I'll try it the next time. Usually I quickly jumped out not to block the start