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Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Rian Speed, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Done from scratch in 4096X4096 using the Mercedes W02 chassis.

    Note:No performance is lost or gained due to the changing of the chassis.

    Changes in V2.0:
    -Added major livery change.
    -Made the Scuderia Ferrari logo bigger.
    -Livery is now full HD and crispy quality.
    -Changed the colour "RED".
    -Also contains some minor changes.


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  2. Superb!
    Do you add the italian flag on the nose?
  3. F2012 doesn't carry the italian flag on the nose.
  4. Excellent Work Mate
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  5. hello rianspeed can you add with the same nose and the sauber or will be more better if you will add all cars with this nose except Mclaren because this season the cars have aprox the same nose except mclaren,so please..
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  6. F2012 have small flag on nose

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  7. perfect...:)
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  8. Beautiful Car ..great color.
    But please add the flag
    Thank You
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  9. I have done quite a few cars...u can check'em out :thumbsup:
  10. Yes,i had to remove it as there is not much space....if it put the italian flag,then i got to push the shell logo up,therefore it would appear over the nose step.
  11. ok understood
  12. you have done just the Ferrari,Red bull,HRT and Mclaren so just 3 cars of 12 for this season with platypus nose and Mclaren with other nose,so you have to work more for the rest of the season......will be better for the game and for the people of this forum..

  13. And will not do this detail on front wing? I know, the W02 model has this wing closer, but the pre-season ferrari without black stripe is real, isn´t?

  14. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    What about making the other logos....Pirelli, Fiat, the Ferrari badge all a touch smaller and closer together, that way you won't have to move the Shell logo at all.
  15. I see,hopefully it will be included in V2.1
  16. Not a bad idea :O_o: V2.1 will be released soon :thumbsup:
  17. Looking forward for V2.1
  18. RB8 HD is WIP....will be released this week.
  19. Well thanx can you preview some shots of RB8
  20. I'm away,will get a preview when i get back home :thumbsup: