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Ferrari after 1 year in 10 year career??

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by James Armstrong, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Iv just finished my first year career with virgin in 10 season mode. I have been playing on easy which im going to change now in year 2 but anyway I finished 2nd in the championship and driver level 16. During the year I got a contract offer from virgin and declined but that was it up until the last race then from no where ferrari offer me a #2 driver for 8m a year which cannot be declined. First my driver level is not high enough for them and why no offers from other teams. All season I was nice about virgin to the press except towards end of the season as I wanted to leave yet this seemed to go badly with the other teams that were interested. Not complaining that I get ferrari just would have liked to build up to it a bit more. Has this happened due to my interview performance. Any advice suggestions to whats happened would be great cheers
  2. im on a 360 if that matters
  3. some time during the season you choose a rival through interview.normally you picked alonso and from the moment you are better in results than your rival you are offered a contract from the team which you cannot decline.the good news is that if you don't like Scuderia the contract is for one season only! (no matter the plattform)
  4. in an interview somewhere around mid season, an interviewer will ask 'who do you see as your main rival'. You must have picked Massa or Alonso, beat them in the championship standings and thus got an offer from Ferrari. Beating your rival negates reputation level. However if next year you don't have enough rep, ferrari will not offer you a new contract, regardless of your performance during the season.

    Also, there's max 7 season for a career, not 10.

    edit: damned, ninjad by Dimos :D
  5. ahh thanks alot not I dont like ferrari just wanted to build up slowly still means I can go for the monza achievement now !! thanks for your help dubnno why I put 10 had got it to my head was 10 one of those days !!