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Cars ferrari 488 gtb spyder 1.5

A.C Cars

  1. gdzy submitted a new resource:

    ferrari 488 gtb spyder - A.C Cars

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  2. Thank you for using my adidas driver textures!
    It would be great to give me some credits in the description or in a readme file in the download. ;)

    As you are using the stock Kunos driver model, you can delete the 'Suit.dds' and 'Suit_NM.dds' from the skin folders. These files are no longer used.
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  3. Version 1.2 doesn't respond to the paddles.
  4. Can you do the Coupe version? Actually Kunos is doing the Coupe.
  5. gdzy updated ferrari 488 gtb spyder with a new update entry:

    front grip and tc mode

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  6. Thanks for the share. Can you make this shade of blue?

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  7. Getting better with each update. Are planning on making improvements to the 3D model? The cockpit could use some attention as there are some strange artifacts around the visors and the instrument cluster does not illuminate when the lights are turned on. I also noticed that the dash area surrounding the main instrument dial (RPM) is allowing sunlight through.

    Keep up the great work.