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Ferarri Vs Mclaren

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Simply The Best, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. I'm in a Force India but really want to go to a Ferrari. The question came up about my rival. The choices were Webber, Alonso and Hamilton. I really want to race in one of the top three teams but I only have a one point lead over Alonso and a 40 point lead over Hamilton. I'm very assured of beating Lewis in the points table at the end of the year, but Alonso not so much. If I pick Alonso and he beats me, I'm in a unfortunate position racing for Force India again or a Williams and will have to wait another year to have a shot for Ferrari.

    What should I do? Go for a Mclaren or take my chance with Ferrari?
  2. Go for Hamilton, no need to risk imo

    Mclaren is better than Ferrari in terms of performance ;)=
  3. I hate McLaren in real life. Always been a Ferrari supporter. :p
  4. same here dude.. but the ferrari in this game is not as good as mclaren.. (sadly)
  5. The Ferrari F60 this year wasn't near as good as the Mclaren this season (car wise). Ferrari just has a guy who can drive the nuts out it, but theirs no doubt in my mind the Mclarens package was much better in F1 terms.
  6. I feel the devs made Mclaren to be the best car in the game, which obviously isn't right, the red bull should really be no1.
    Ferrari and Mclaren should be sort of equal. There were tracks where Mclaren was better, others where ferrari had the advantage but overall their cars seemed fairly evenly matched throughout the season.
  7. Do you mean the McLaren is a better car to drive? Because I just finished my 1st career season and Red Bull ended right where they belong, 1st place. Haven't driven either of those two but AI-wise the Red Bulls are the best.
  8. In the game, the McLaren is definitely the best car :)

    I think the contracts tell you all you need to know about the pecking order of performance within the game - McLaren is the hardest to get a contract with, followed by Ferrari, then Red Bull.

    I've just won the World Championship in a Red Bull (expert level), and earned my dream contract with McLaren for next year - can't wait! :cool:

    In the real world, the Red Bull was clearly the class of the field - it's difficult to say which was the better car between the Macca and Ferrari, as they both had races where they good, and races where they were not so good.
  9. Ehhh, don't know what F1 season you have been watching but Ferrari had the quickest car (besides Red Bull) for the 2nd half of the season.. Especially in racetrim, the Ferrari was even faster then the Red Bull at times. Just because Massa can't drive doesn't mean the Ferrari is slow.. :p McLaren were quick at the start of the season, but pretty much none of the major updates worked properly throughout the season.
  10. agreed..

    no wonder alonso won the fastest lap competition...