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Fanatec Wheel on Thrustmaster TX Base!?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Captain Condescending, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, first time poster on Race Department, but I have a quick question.

    I've recently been looking for a new wheel rim for my Thrustmaster TX wheel, because 458 rim is a bit plastic-ey and far too small, and while I was looking I found this adapter, that allows standard steering wheels to be mounted to Thrustmaster wheels!


    This would be great, as I'd be able to have a full size rim for my wheel, and a much higher quality one at that! The issue is, I couldn't find the shape and style of rim I was looking for in my price range. I could just be looking in the wrong places, so if you guys have any suggestions for wheels in and around 33cm that would fit that adapter for about £100+/- that'd be great!

    In the meantime, I saw that Fanatec sell rims to be used with their Clubsport adapters (also for the same purpose), and one of them is just about perfect.


    So my question is, would that wheel rim fit on the adapter for my Thrustmaster TX? If not, does anyone know where I could get a similar one that would?

  2. I asked the same thing in the forum but no body answered I guess people just don't know....
    In the end I ordered the Fanatec wheel and ofc it fits it is standard 6x70 wheel. I took the gt rim and it is great just have in mind that the tx base overheat easier with the bigger wheel. I m planning to mod it with USB fans
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  3. Thanks a lot!
  4. welcome
  5. I am not sure if you are aware, but the SRH adapter doesn't come with the button plate! That is thrustmaster's gte wheel. You take the gte wheel off and put a custom wheel on. Also with a wheel as big as 330mm the paddles will be to short to reach! It will most probably cover a few buttons too. You can mod these things ,but wanted to make sure you are aware of the's things. The DSD adapter would connect a 70m pcd wheel, but you would have no buttons or paddles unless you have a t500 with static paddles.
  6. No problems reaching the paddles for me (330mm wheel) needed 1 lap to get used. Only in very sharp turns when your wheel is more than 90 degrees each side in mid turn is a bit pain. Actually 330mm wheel is just a 25mm larger to each side but if you see you can reach the paddles by more.
  7. You must have big hands! I can reach it but it is really not ideal. The adapter also puts the paddles further back, as it adds like 30mm that way too. I have a 300mm wheel and even that isn't ideal but the 330mm one I have is a lot worse. I am just making sure Captain is aware of it! Metzger82 do you use the tx base and the SRH adapter? It covers no buttons up? Infact watch this video
    I am david b who is mentioned I the video about extending the paddles. Daring gangi agrees that 330mm is a hard reach.
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  8. My hands are even more small than big... And realy I have no problems reaching the paddles with SRH adapter on gte wheel base with fanatec gt rim mounted. I reach them with the top of my fingers easily and it doesnt affect my shifting anyhow and it is not an issue for me. First I tough it will be a problem but after just some laps I get used to it and realized that I dont even notice the difference. But again it is just me.
  9. also with the rim mentioned in the previous post all the buttons are usable, the inside ones are barely covered but still usable, not as easy as before mainly because the inside ones are not that close to your fingers but still prety much usable. No problems with outer buttons at all.
  10. Can you post some pics please.
  11. Not very clear but not at home and this is all i have now

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  12. Would u guys know if a rim from another thrustmaster wheel would work in the TX base?
  13. PicoBp

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    All of them. ;)
  14. FIY you can find a free 3d model of a thrustmaster adapter and have it 3d printed localy much cheaper that dsd's. For the price you could have 3 adaptors or more.
  15. I've installed a shorter adapter that allows a quick release to be mounted straight to the stock hub body. Standard automotive quick release mechanism are far superior to the thrustmaster screw on plastic junk. The adapter and the quick release have a hole through the middle to easily route a coiled usb through the hub and out the back of the wheelbase.
    2016-02-25 09.39.46.jpg 2016-02-25 09.41.19.jpg
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