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Fanatec products on Xbox One

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Blkout, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. Landshut, Germany – 3.10.2014 – This is the announcement many people have been waiting for and we are happy to announce that Endor AG (the company behind the brand Fanatec) and Microsoft Corp. have closed a license agreement to make racing peripherals for the Xbox One.
    Fanatec plans to release a broad line up of racing wheels which will fit all kind of racing styles and different budgets.
    Xbox One brings the latest in innovation and power to the development of racing peripherals giving fans of Fanatec products the opportunity to play the newest Xbox One titles with full support and integration.
    Available soon, fans will be able to enable Xbox One compatibility on their Fanatec wheel bases by simply attaching an Xbox One steering wheel to an Xbox One enabled Fanatec wheel base (like the ClubSport Wheel Base V2), making their whole system compatible to Xbox One. Additional details and features will be announced soon.
    Additional Fanatec peripherals like pedals, shifters or handbrakes that were purchased with an Xbox 360 will also be compatible with Xbox One. The modular configuration system in the Fanatec webshop allows you to purchase only the components you need.

    Thomas Jackermeier, CEO of Endor/Fanatec: “I am very excited to announce this partnership as we have been working with Microsoft behind the scenes on new and exciting products. Xbox One and “Forza Motorsport” will continue to be a landmark of ultra-realistic racing simulations on any gaming console and we look forward to bringing this realism to a whole new level for our fans.”

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  2. Expected but good news nonetheless, I wonder what the XBone rim for the CSW base will cost, and if they'll add a less expensive wheelbase to their range since a CSW v2 + rim and pedals is a quite hefty pricetag for someone who's only goal is using it on the XBone alone. ><
  3. I would assume (or at least hope) that Xbox One rims will also be PC compatible
  4. I hope i can get my hands on it very soon. Just bought a XB1 with Forza 5 & Forza Horizon 2

    I realy like FH2, but can't get used to playing it with a controler.
    The game will be epic with the Fanatec gear..
  5. @HoiHman
    The FFB is much better on FH2 than FM5.