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Fanatec issue, that went away

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Richard Eriksson, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. Got a new GT3 RS V2 by ups today and hooked it up for some Fanatec love. Major dissapointment when i got the 888 display and wheel locked to the left, calibration errors. Curtains on my bliss there. Tried restarting it, usb in or unplugged, with or without shifter, jerked it a bit before calibrating etc. To no avail.

    This was from new in box, never used.

    I went and sent an email to Fanatec, but decided to power it up by itself again, and it calibrated fine. Used it about an hour, no issue.

    Tried pwering off and on, and such, and it sems to calibrate well now. Should i be worried? Might it come back?

    Can i get it replaced just for peace of mind (hardly likely they would agree) and in case something goes bad, what is their general warranty time?

    Loving it when it works and would like to keep it.
  2. It's back and the wheel can be considered dead on arrival. Worked an hour, then today same issues... Also some other issue with a strange noise, happened once, with wheel getting stuck, other than that same old 888.

    I'll join the lines of hundreds waiting for Fanatec to support theor wheels dead on arrival.


    Video of mine:
  3. And now it just shakes and rattles with a dead display. Still not been able to use it more... And still no ticket id or even email back from support. This is starting to piss me off... I can live with problems, but having something broken from bad constructon, from the box and then no living person replying or assisting. That is inexcusable. If they deliver something that is broken to me as a new customer and i tell them, i want someone to assist me WITHIN HOURS not days or weeks as i've read about.

    That's how professional companies run their business.


    Thinking about going back to Logitech and demanding a refund.
  4. UPDATE:

    Sent an extra nag request to support...
    Got a reply from Johannes at Fanatec, that i need a new wheel and he was to initiate the RMA for me. Sounds good.

    Might have been a bit harsh here as that was very helpful of him, but i still see room for improvement in the personal contact department. The reason for stress and anger from my side is not knowing if anyone looks at the issue...

    In case of a serious issue with the products i think a personal contact should be established within the same day of the issue report, this would have helped me a lot, even if the time frame for fix would have been the same.
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