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Fanatec GT3 RS

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Dan Abbitt, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Is anyone using the GT3 RS wheel with F1 on the PC? Am seriously considering buying one....

    I read somewhere that there are a few issues with it as a whole, i.e. drivers etc, anyone had any problems?
  2. I have a Fanatec GT3RSv2+ClupSpotPaddels - i can't spot any problems - feels good.
  3. Have the GT3 RS V2 on order, as well as Clubsport pedals. Should be here November 12. Can't wait...
  4. The Fanatec GT3 RS is an excellent wheel and the clubsport pedals are even better. i have had mine over a year and no troubles at all. you won't believe how good the driving gets with this product. does anyone reading this thread have a good setup for F1 2010. thanks!
  5. No problems here, GT3RS V2 + CSP. Might tweak a bit with the ingame throttle&brake settings though.
  6. Hi mate, how much did it cost you for the wheel and pedal? Are they sold separately? i have MOMO Logitech and I'm planning to get g27 this December. I'm also thinking of getting the FANATEC because the pedal looks cool. I don't own Xbox360 i only have PC and PS3.
  7. check out http://www.Fanatec.de (of course u can select english as your fav. language)
    and yes u can buy it separately but i would not recommend that because u will lose a lot of money. ah and u have to wait some time of your order. 2-3 Weeks is normal.
  8. Has Fanatec had any reliability problems with the GT2RS Clubsport since it came out.