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Fanatec Club Sport Wheel or CSR Elite?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by spaceharry, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Hi

    I am thinking about buying a new wheel, as I was a previous owner of the Turbo S. I dont know if I should go for the CSR Elite or the Club Sport Wheel. Can anyone tell me the differences between the wheels and how they feel? I heard that the two motors can act independet from eachother on the CSW, but what does this acutally mean for the FFB feeling etc?? Any other differences???

    I play iRacing often but also I am playing on Xbox with my friend. This is why I am hesitating to buy a Club Sport Wheel. But if there is not so much differences between CSR Elite and CSW I will go for a CSR Elite.
  2. Here's a comparison chart between all wheels, hope that gives you some ideas. As far as feel goes I can't really comment as I've not tested either wheel yet. Check YouTube for reviews of both. In my opinion there's two reasons to go for the elite, price and Xbox compatibility. Neither of those are show stoppers for me so I'll be getting the CSW (in time, GT3 RS first) due to its quick release system and waaaay better rims.
  3. Should that have been a link? If so it doesnt work. :)

    I searched youtube a lot for reviews for both wheel, but I only find 3 differences between the wheel:

    - quick release
    - price
    - 2 motors can be accessed individualy

    And the electronics is said to be completly different. But at the end I dont know anything about what that means for the handling of the wheel except that rims might feel better. I dont know if the CSW is so much better for example for iRacing that I should stop caring about Xbox compatibility... (as most of my friends only race on xbox)
  4. Ahh sorry I forgot to paste the link ><

    Whether the upgraded quality is worth loosing Xbox support over is nothing anyone else can tell you, your call entirely ^^
    But from the reviews I´ve seen a lot of them comments on how the Elite feels like a very good wheel, great gaming hardware, but the CSW doesn´t feel like gaming hardware, rather like racing hardware. It won´t make you faster, but it will add to the immersion if you´re a nut like me :p
  5. Well thanks for the advice. I dont know who is more nuts, you or me. :) As the CSW is not yet on stock and as I am an unpatient customer I may just order CSR Elite next week, as I can't wait more longer :p

    Emm, but still I really searched for a long time on the internet to find a comparison between CSW and the CSR Elite, but I guess the CSW is not yet out long enough to draw a final conclusion by somebody who tested both of them.
  6. And still it would just be another opinion, which could differ from yours. If you want Xbox support and a wheel fast get the Elite, I think it´s a awesome wheel and I´d be getting it myself if it weren´t so expensive on it´s own. I´m getting a GT3 RS with the Elite pedals and will upgrade my wheel when time, budget and space allows it (the CSW and Elite takes up more space and needs a table clamp at minimum).
  7. I´d go with CSW all the way and skip the Elite unless you really really want to play console games.
  8. If both wheels are not so much different with FFB quality etc then I dont see the point in getting the CSW. I dont care
    so much about exchanchable rims etc. ... .
  9. I had a chance to try CSW today with both the bmw and the f1 rim.
    I myself have a CSR-E with the stock rim.

    I was surprised how different, and better, the CSW is. And I still can't figure out why.

    I tried it in AC and iRacing. Particularly in iRacing I tried the same car and same settings.

    My observations were that the CSW was stronger than the CSR-E, but not only stronger, it felt smoother and quicker.

    Maybe someone who knows the fundamental differences better would better explain it than me.
  10. CSW is belt driven, not gears - so smoother and hopefully more accurate, but critically less slack in the centre - so that would explain it - I have the CSR, and seriously considering upgrading - but just ordered Oculus DK2, so may have to wait...... Bummer
  11. Richsilvey.
    I am thinking of buying the CSR wheel, I see you say you have this one, can you tell me what it's like. I can't afford anything pricier. I'm looking for a replacement for my g27 which is on it's last legs. Thanks Lancey.
  12. I really like the CSR myself, been very dependable and haven't had any problems with it. In fact, i'm getting more out of it then was ever expected, as you can see from others here that are doing the same thing ;)
  13. Wouldn't buy a CSR right now as there's no guarantee it will be supported on the new Xbox, and you most likely will be wanting a new console sooner or later.
    Either go for the CSW v2 or wait a little while to hear what Fanatec announces, there have been mentioned things that lead us to believe that there might be a cheaper wheelbase announced to replace the CSR, but it's nothing official just yet.