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Faces per frame

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Doug Taylor, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Hey all. What do faces per frame do? Thanks
  2. Think of it as the number of reflections. I have some comparison images here. It's an album of images comparing shadow and reflection settings. I've labelled the images individually so you know what the settings were.

    Full Settings

    Medium Cubemap, 3 Faces

    High Cubemap, no faces.
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  3. Thanks Kari
  4. The reflection map is a texture cube. Basically just a big cube centered around the car, that the view is rendered onto, so the reflections can just look at that cube instead of the entire scene (size of the cube depends on quality settings; higher means more detail visible). A cube has 6 faces, so at lower settings it only renders some of them each frame. Makes the reflections a little less accurate because they're reflecting where the car was several frames ago, but since the graphics card is doing less per frame you get a higher framerate.
    Set to none it'll just pick a reflection map when you load the track, and keep it the same from there. So you don't get realistic reflections of the scenery but the car still looks shiny.
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  5. Thanks Stereo. Was just trying to figure this problem i have at Imola and Monza where i get a tiny stutter once in a while, but frames stay constantly where i have them locked...60. Maybe just a dev optimization thing.
  6. You might try changing your card settings - the pre-rendered frames (Nvidia) setting can sometimes help with stutters.
  7. Hey Race. If i change it in nvidia inspector, should i put it to 0 on ac?
  8. I haven't had to change it in AC but, I did have stutters in RRRE and changing it to 1 solved the issue. IIRC it was set to 2 or 3 by default.
  9. I will try it as well.

    @Doug T Do you play on a 120Hz screen?
    Something I tried yesterday:

    I have a 120Hz monitor and had stutters and micro freeze.

    I changed the frame rate of my monitor to 60Hz, I choose 1920x1080 60Hz in game and set Vsync On.

    I have constantly 60 FPS and noticed no freezes anymore in the short test yesterday.

    I will test longer tonight
  10. Cool Sedric. Unfortunately i have a 60hz monitor. Maybe i'll try a lock at 55?
  11. Funny thing with faces per frame is that the lower the number the faster the scene renders, which then makes the lower number of faces per frame harder to detect.

    It's certainly a feedback loop type thing.

    I've always wondered why such a setting wouldn't have a temporal tuning parameter vs a frame rate relative one for this very reason.


  12. So a lower number means better quality? I'm now confused. lol
  13. Lower means less GPU load = faster fps.

    If you get 6fps and update one side of the cube every frame then it'll take a second to update the entire cube.

    So 1 cube update per second.

    If you up the cube update rate to 2 sides per frame that might halve fps perhaps, so it'll now take 3 frames to update the full cube but at 3fps that still means the same full refresh of the cube takes 1 second AND overall fps is more jumpy.

    Obviously that is an extreme example but the trend is there.

    This is why a cube refreshes per second would be better approach. At higher fps you can do less rendering of cubes and get even higher fps hehe.

    Obviously 6 sides (full cube) a frame is best quality but you need to consider fps to get the full picture.

    As said sides per second, or full cubes per second (cube hz?) would be a better tuning value!


  14. Thanks Dave
  15. Here is a video of what i am talking about. Open it in youtube and open full window 1080p. Let me know what you guy's think. Thanks

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  16. Thanks for the video Doug.
    I had exactly the same Stutters and freezes as you.

    So, I made some tests yesterday and I confirm, with my monitor set up on 60Hz instead 120Hz, with an ingame 60Hz, and I don't have any problem anymore. with 120 Hz, I get sutters and small freezes.

    My goal is of course to be able to play with 120Hz.

    It's a fresh rate issue, Is there something to turn on/off in Nvidia control panel or Inspector in order to solve it? or we should wait for an update from Nvidia?

    Doug, you should post your video on the AC support forum, I wanted to tell the issue on AC support forum as well.
  17. I have been tweaking and came up with a little better results. I found if i force vsync off in nvidia inspector and turned it on in game it got better. At least i am not getting the blurring that i was. I am still getting some of the blinking though. I tried vsync off all together and what a mess! Hmmmm.
  18. I've eliminated in game stutter for myself by running vsync through nvidia control panel, on adaptive, and having in game settings set so my game runs greater than 60fps.

    Replays have some funkiness at times. But while I'm driving everything is butter smooth.
  19. Alot of micro stutter myself. 40 45 fps triple screen using amd 5850.. Really annoying :(