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f138 @ Spa

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Psycho333, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. Here is my setup i run in Spa, it's basically Bas Boumas Red Bull Ring setup with different wings and gearing.

    PB on SS (QF): 1.47.600
    PB on S (5 lap race): 1.48.156

    Stay in 6th through Eau Rouge and Blanchimont
    and DONT USE 1st Gear, ever xD

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  2. Will give it a go, thanks.
  3. Front right and left wing are different? Thanks.
  4. new setup
    put ss on it and 12l in and it should be good for low 47
    pb is 47.1

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  5. Hi,

    Here is my set. PB is 1.45.4 with it.

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  6. temp 21 online mode version 1.7.5
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  7. I got a 44:8xx
  8. Thanks @ROBY F1.

    Care to share your setup?
  9. .
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  10. 1.44.xxx.... done in restarting hot lap mode to have cold tires and setting the minimum temperature (10 °) or in online mode, making the rounds of launch with realistic temperatures? (more 20°)
    ac v 1.8?
    -my time was done in online mode with a temperature of 21 °, and the game version 1.7.5
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  11. Why you guys are not using pro settings which is 26 degree ?
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  12. my new pb online is a 45.6 with softs
    on ss i had 2 huge mistakes and still made a 45.6
  13. talking bout it here is that setup

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  14. I did 1,46,2with your setup. I have changed the gearing and did 1,45,5, but I can totaly do low 1,45
  15. finally found the motivation to readjust my setup to the new handling model of the f138

    pb 19° hotlap mode: 1.44.860
    pb 10° hotlap mode: 1.43.913
    theres a tenth or two to find but after that its all i can give with my pad :D

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