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F1 stars may have to take pay cut

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Neil Gault, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Formula One's top drivers may be forced to take a cut in wages as the global financial crisis hits the sport.
    more info on the BBC news site here
  2. Cuts in salaries could help the respective teams, but not only at the expence of the drivers. Technical staff and management should also forfeit some of their exhorbitant wages.
    There should also be a monitorium in place prohibiting teams from offering any driver more money than what he is earning, and in doing so, keep control on the wage structures.
  3. They get paid way too much, 35m is ridiculous.

    It like premiership football, 100k a week wages, now the premiership collectively is £3billion in debt. I love all types of sports, but most of them get paid way too much because their sport has more money circulating it, they demand more from it.

    Most people here would pay to be able to drive F1 cars, so why should they get £35mill for doing it? :D
  4. Because we could not even scratch the surface of what does cars can do while they are superhuman who's only boundaries are the laws of physics. I agree that all sportstars are over paid but many of them especially F1 drivers have unbelivable skills and talent and deserves a big paycheck. Although £35mill might be pushing it :)
  5. I agree, they have tremendous skills, driving an F1 car basically flawlessly takes A LOT of skill, concentration, bravery and composure

    However, 35m a year is beyond a joke really, that means these F1 drivers can expect to earn 350-700m during their careers, retire in their mid 30s, and live of that for the rest of their lives.

    While others may do other jobs which take a lot of skill, say a physicist who works out new things using long equations that take days to work out, or a simple mechanic who might have wierd jobs like replacing engines, or even the pitcrew for F1 cars are extrememly skilled - jack the car up, 4 brand new tyres, gallons of fuel, all done in 6s.

    I dont see them living off 35m a year :D

    But definetly - F1 drivers are very very skilled and are superhuman that deserve to be millionaires.