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Cars F1 RSS 2016 Beta PART1 0.9

Mod f1 2016 automobilista

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  2. Could you explain how to install. I can't get them to show up in the game?
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  3. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  4. Should the .veh files have the "f_ext:" prefix in the "description" line so they have the AMS F Extreme realfeel settings or is the mod leaving it out on purpose? I'm getting bad wobble without it. Full grid kills my framerate completely too, but my PC is subpar. Looking forward to 1.0! :)
  5. How do you install this, I installed first in a random order then in the proper order, overwriting everything, still nothing? Anybody got anything on this because I would really like to play this mod. The models look excellent and I hope the driving is equally enjoyable.
  6. There's no series/.srs file. I have to make one or alter existing one for these to show up.

    For those wondering the easiest way to do this, go to series, open REIZA08, go to the line that says 'vehicle filter' and add F1_2016 to the end.

    Should look like this afterwards: Vehicle Filter = OR: F-Extreme F1_2016
  7. How do you install this mod??? I keep getting a "Main.mas" error when selecting cars.
  8. Make sure you have downloaded all 4 parts of the mod. Install into relevant folders into "GameData".

    I also advise adding to the REIZA08.srs file as mentioned in my post above. Let me know if you have any other problems, as I doubt the uploader will talk much
  9. I installed all four packages. Placing each into a folder called F1_2016 in gamedata/vehicles folder. I also did the REIZA08 series change, but it is still the same. I can select the cars but when I do the preview stays blank and the game freezes. I tab out and a window called gMotor 2 error tells me that I have an error with the "Main.MAS" file.
  10. In the F1_2016 folder that I mentioned before there are only the team folders along with two files called cmaps.mas and Main.mas. I don't know what else I'm supposed to do.

    This should be a straight forward installation, I don't know why it is giving me so much trouble.
  11. Another thing to mention. The error is that the game cannot open the "main.mas" file. I even tried opening the file with Notepad and it crashes Notepad. I can open cmaps.mas perfectly fine.
  12. KoshaPashkin

    Reiza Studios Premium Member

    Why you upload this mod without permission from original author?
  13. Sounds like main.mas is corrupted. Redownload it and replace.

    This is a stolen mod? Thought something was fishy
  14. I created a Series file which creates the car in the main menu with a F1 2016 icon... but whether or not the author would allow me to share it is up to him. I asked but haven't received a reply yet. AMS 2016-11-29 18-12-40-45.jpg AMS 2016-11-29 18-13-49-25.jpg
  15. I'm not even sure who this mod belongs to anymore, someone else uploaded another version that looks practically identical